Friday, April 20, 2012

vacations are so tiring

I spent all week on my mom's farm. It was so tiring.

Playing with my niece, eating croissants every day (really good, locally made ones), playing Drawsome with my sister, going to the Olympia Farmer's Market, etc. You get the idea; it was a really strenuous week.

So today I recuperated by going to acupuncture and having lunch at my favorite cafe here in Seattle, Cafe Presse. The cafe was full of  chattering diners and bright April sunlight. I enjoyed a cup or two (or three) of the strong chocolately Vita coffee they serve and munched on grilled sardines and a fresh baguette. The latest issue of Marie Claire kept me company.

And now for Friday's Fashion Fact. Today it's a new word that keeps popping up in magazines.

adj. -\swän-ˈyā\-
(As defined by Merriam-Webster)

1. Well-groomed, sleek
2. Elegantly maintained or designed

Glad I looked it up cuz I woulda pronounced it "Soy-nay"


Ashley said...

Ooh I like that word! I think I'll use it =)

citizen rosebud said...

Great word! Now I'll be able to say it with confidence. In a well groomed sort of way.

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