Sunday, June 24, 2012

Look of the Day: emerald city

I just read an article on CNN about why Seattle is better than Portland (it was part of this special city vs. city thing on their travel site). In all honesty, I was a little disappointed with it. It didn’t make a good argument for why we’re great. Instead, it was like reading a travel brochure.

 So I wanted to put my two cents in: we are so much more than Starbucks coffee. We are more than the “birthplace of grunge” (this saying makes me shudder). The views alone will take your breath away (one thing the author had right). We have amazing restaurants, music venues, art museums and are home to many, many coffee shops that are 100 times better than Starbucks. People here have real jobs (cough*Portland*cough) and a good local economy. As my husband says, the dream of being a productive member of society is alive in Seattle.

I never get tired of exploring all the neighborhoods here (Ballard, Capitol Hill, Greenwood, Columbia City, to name a few of my faves). I love the people here the most and am proud to call this city home, despite the flying fish at Pike Place.

Come for a visit. When the sun is out, nobody shines like Seattle shines. And when it rains, just the roads shine, haha 

American Apparel skirt (similar) - Vintage Bill Blass shirt (similar) - GAP sweater (similar)- GAP clutch - Vintage & F21 bracelets - Vintage watch (similar)


Lizzie said...

I so agree with every great word you said about Seattle!! Also, whenever someone brings up the word, "grunge" or "Nirvana" when talking about Seattle, I die a little bit inside. haha

Anyways, this outfit is so super lovely. I adore the bright pop of color from your collar and the adorable skirt.

Off to go read that article on CNN......


Daysha said...

I miss Seattle so much! You are so right, and gosh Capitol Hill is the best hehe :)

Ashley said...

What a great post title! I actually watched the Wizard of Oz last week. Super cute skirt, btw. I've never been to Seattle, but I sure wouldn't mind a visit.

Thrifted Shift said...

It would be interested to read a really impartial and informative article on the topic. I'm obviously biased as a Seattle-ite. I love it here, but I've visited Portland and really thought it was cool. I think Seattle might be more diverse, though. I might just have to hang out more in Portland just to be sure...? Powell's vs Elliot Bay Books?

Unknown said...

Haha, Lizzie,I die a little, too. That is a great way of putting it.

TS, I would love to read an unbiased one too! Honestly, I have nothing against Portland. It's just not my home and Seattle happens to be my home. It's unfortunate that the arguments made for Portland were much better than the ones amde for Seattle. Their arguments centered around things like a good transit system, more park space and delicious food trucks; all reasons people like living there. The arguments made for Seattle were reasons people visit, not the reasons people stay. No one lives here cuz they love eating at the Space Needle!

Sarah Hulbert Style said...

Catie! Am I totally cheesy for tearing up when I read this? This is a lovely homage to our lovely Emerald city. The beauty of Seattle is in the quiet, hole in the wall cafes and coffee shops. And, by the way, you look adorable in your cheerful polkadots. ~Sarah

squidword said...

great shoes and polka dot skirt!! love the pop of green!

ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

amazing outfit! lovethe skirt!

gs said...

"the dream of being a productive member of society is still alive in seattle" - ha! so good!

i've never been to seattle, but i for sure want to go - actually, we're moving in a few months (location still not determined- yikes!) and seattle is on our short list.

lovely post, oh - and lovely outfit too! ;)


oxana said...

Very, very nice look!! Very charming!!!

Rachel S said...

Great photos ! Personally, I'm really impressed! You look amazing!

Emanuel I. said...

Is amazing this look cuttie.
You do it very well!

Sabrina said...

Adorable! Love the polka dots, but what really makes this is the pop of green in the collar.


Jessica said...

OMG i love this post! The outfit is great, but I actually just moved to Washington (Olympia but we are moving to Seattle in the next month or so) and it was so different than I expected! People make it out to be this rainy sad place or something but it is full of gorgeous scenery and has such an awesome vibe!!


Sarah | Cable Car Couture said...

Seattle is an impressive city -- and it's booming! I do love the quaint charm that Portland has to offer, though. We took a trip down to Portland last month and stayed in the NE district and loved soaking in the fun shops on Alberta street.

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