Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I Wore: weekend wear

I have been in such a good mood lately! I got custom orthotics, which seem to be helping my feet (may be too soon to tell, but I'm hopeful!) and it's nearly summer. Everything is just peachy!

 Speaking of peachy, I just bought the glasses at Forever21, and now I'm not so sure about them. They fold up all weird and may be a little small for my face, but I just love the color! I'll keep 'em around for a while. Oh! And the Coach bag is new! I found it at a garage sale for $5! Pretty good deal.

Photos by my wonderful husband :)
Vintage oxford shirt - H&M Polka Dot Dress (similar) - Vintage Coach Mini Willis (similar) - Forever21 sunglasses (similar)

One last thing...
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mispapelicos said...

Gorgeous, as ever.
have you met Bella in Seattle???

Rachel S said...

Everything look so good on you! I`m jealous !

Thrifted Shift said...

$5 Coach bag?! Excellent! Cute dress and I think those peachy sunglasses are a fun accessory!

Ashley said...

$5??? I'm officially envious =)

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