Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fall Favorites: 4 Different Looks

Right around this time of year, inexplicably and without fail, I start getting excited about dressing for Fall. Maybe it's that I'm tired of the heat (if you can call it that in Seattle) or maybe I'm just tired of sandals and shorts. Whatever the case may be, my mind starts wandering and I soon have my Autumn wish list. This year, my main focus is shoes! Now that my feet are starting to feel better, and with fancy new custom orthotics in hand (er, shoe) I have more options! At the moment, my favorite place to drool over shoes is on ASOS. They have a great collection of super stylish, super affordable women's shoes!

For Work
First and foremost: I want more classic flats! I like these ones because they add a bit of texture, but will still go with a lot. I don't really need another vintage Coach, or more stripes, but I am in desperate need of a cocoon coat! It's been on my list for years!

Weekend Getaway
weekend wear

I can't begin to tell you how badly I want a pair of Chelsea boots. ASOS has several different versions, all pretty well priced, considering they're made of leather. Here, I've paired them with a look I would wear on a weekend get away. Most people take their vacation in the summer, but our's is always in the Fall, on account of my husband's busy summer work schedule.

Blogging Event
blogger event

I always save my crazy pants and loud patterns for blogger meet-ups and girl's nights out. My husband doesn't "get it", but I know the ladies will :) These t-strap wedges are so fun and totally different from all the other shoes in my wardrobe.

Night Out

hot date

On date nights, I wear outfits my husband understands: shorter skirts, balanced with more coverage on top, in this case, a great motorcycle jacket from H&M. The leopard print pointed court shoes add another touch of "ooh la la," but the lighter shade of lipstick will keep the look from going too red-light district.


Unknown said...

Nice picks, I must say! :)

Thrifted Shift said...

Love your special blogger meet-up pants!

Anonymous said...

I really love all of these! I see your style in them, but I think my favorite is the fashion blogger meet up. I just LOVE those pants!!! And those shoes are unique. I like them! <3


Lan said...

wow. i love all outfits and i find the combination very good <3 now im following you <3


Anonymous said...

I love your blogger meet-up combo.

Unknown said...
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