Friday, August 17, 2012

Madewell Style Sessions

As many of you may have heard, last night, I had the privledge of co-hosting a styling event with Madewell and Fabsugar. I got to spend the night with lots of stylish young ladies and the awesome staff at the University Village Madewell store (who are all stylish young ladies, as well!). Here are some photos and highlights from the night.

I wore the red Sheer Shapes Tee with a beige tulle skirt from Forever21. You'll have to just take my word, as I have no pictures and managed to destroy the skirt when I got home (zipper sewed to tulle is quite possibly the worst idea ever). At least I didn't wreck the shirt. I love it and am excited to add more red to my wardrobe.
On my wishlist!
This is Caitlin, the marketing specialist for Madewell at U Village. She is lovely and so easy to get a long with. I really enjoyed working with her.

Esther: pattern mixing specialist and Madewell employee

Leather bracelets

We had a live DJ!  (name coming soon, sorz)

I want ALL the Sidewalk Skimmer Flats!

Artdot shorts and cute boots

My friend Tara stopped by to check out the sale racks and the Highriser jeans (my fave)
my picks from Madewell

my picks from Madewell by fleur-d-elise featuring a long pencil skirt
This is my Madewell wishlist. If I were slightly less poor, I would own it all right now! Instead, I'm probably gonna go back next week and buy the Screencard shades, at least. Not shown: The Artdot Blazer, which is beyond adorable and fits perfectly!



Cee said...

I so, so wish I could have been there last night! It practically killed me. And it's really killing me now that I see all of the cute polkadots! I'm totally not supposed to be spending any money, so it's probably for the best... Except that due to crazily unforeseen circumstances, our blogger sale, which was supposed to be this weekend, got postponed and I'm now heading down to Seattle this Sunday to sell my used clothes at Buffalo Exchange. Any chance you might want to extend the session and style me up in Madewell clothes on Sunday afternoon? :)

Lindsay Living said...

Adorable! I love Madewell and all of your picks! It's hard to make a bad choice in that store. It looks like you had a great time. Wish I could have attended!

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