Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In Photos: Autumn in Seattle

Fall photography by Catie Beatty

 Frida and I went on a photo-walk. She was very patient with me (well, sort of).

Fall photography by Catie Beatty

Fall photography by Catie Beatty
Currently my desktop background

Fall photography by Catie Beatty

Fall photography by Catie Beatty

Back home, watching for invading squirrels. Those jerks.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Looks of the Day: Variation on a theme

Fall Fashion: Vintage velvet & fur

Can't decide which version of this outfit I like better. What do you think? Skirt or jeans?

Fall Fashion Vintage velvet & fur

fall, fashion, vintage, wedges, madewell, denim, fleur d'elise
Today was gorgeous here in Seattle, which of course made me feel guilty, considering what the East Coast is going through. As we speak, my friends are hunkering down and preparing for the worst storm to hit New England and the surrounding states probably ever (or so they say). I am hoping that it doesn't turn out as bad as they predict. There's always a chance that the storm changes course or weakens. Fingers crossed!

Fall Style: Madewell highriser jeans & an oversized cardigan

fall, fashion, vintage, wedges, madewell, denim, fleur d'elise

Thrifted cardigan (similar) - Vintage velvet  skirt (amazingly similar!)- H&M knit cap (similar) - Target kid's t-shirt(similar) - Madewell Meshbound earrings - Vintage fur stole (similar) - Aldo purse - Madewell Skinny Skinny Highriser Jean - Forever21 bracelet - Cooperative wedges (similar)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Rivet & Sway

rivet & sway: stylish frames you try on at home!

One of my goals this year has been to work with local Seattle businesses. This city is chalk-full of stylish, talented people who make any proud Seattlite even happier to call this city home.

Rivet & Sway is one of those local businesses that makes me proud to be from Seattle. They're the total package.
The company is staffed by great people and, despite it being an online shopping experience, it doesn't feel that way! Everyone is so helpful and friendly, and the service is so personalized, that it really feels like you're a VIP at a local boutique. They even have a personal stylist who will help you find the perfect pair of frames.

At the moment, I have no need for prescription glasses, but judging by the amount of people who wear them in my family, I will probably need them soon. That's why I only felt a little silly ordering frames from Rivet & Sway. When Ritzy, Rivet & Sway's personal stylist, contacted me about writing a review I thought "Well, say what you want about fake glasses on people who don't need them, I'll at least have a nice pair of frames when my eyesight starts to go!" Plus, as you all probably know, I am not shy about wearing non-prescription lense.

The whole process is pretty simple. 

1. Choose three
If you know what works for your face or what you love, then you can just choose for yourself. If you can't decide, you can use the Personal Styling feature and Ritzy will send you some personalized recommendations based on what you like and face shape.

2. Try them at home
Once you've picked three frames, Rivet & Sway will ship them, both ways, for free! You get 3 days to try them on, ask your friends for input, etc. Ritzy is even available to give advice if you can't decide! When you've decide, you ship all the frames back.

3. Order your favorite
The last step is to order the pair you decided on. This is where you enter your Rx info and they will be ready within a week!

I'm such a sucker for great packaging and graphic design.

Rivet & Sway: The Spitfire
I'm rather partial to the Spitfire in Galapagos Green

Rivet & Sway specs

Which style should I go for?
Rivet & Sway: The Rizzo
RIvet & Sway: The Faster Pussycat
RIvet & Sway: The Spitfire

Check back for a pin-to-win sponsored by Rivet & Sway!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Look of the Day: Pattern Mixing

Fleur d'Elise, pattern mixing, leopard print, polka dots, fall trends, beret, in style
Fall is in full force. The leaves here are finally changing and I saw it rain, like really rain, for the first time in months. Strangely enough, the sun is back. It confuses my Seattleite brain, but I love it regardless. I've been walking my dog, which is amazing, considering the ordeal I've been through with my feet. I can do so much more now, and it makes me incredibly happy. I can be on my feet for a couple hours before they start bothering me!
Fleur d'Elise, pattern mixing, leopard print, polka dots, fall trends, beret, in style
Needless to say, I've been packing in activities while the weather is nice. I went for a long walk all over the Madrona neighborhood with my friend Ashley and her darling little boy. I've also been baking (I ate about a dozen pumpkin-pear muffins), painting & crafting, and have started experimenting with homemade fragrance oils. I have sage, coriander, black tea, and coffee steeping in jars of oil. They're all lined up on the window sill. It takes a week for them to fully steep, so I'm not sure if they're going to turn out. Fingers crossed!

Fleur d'Elise, pattern mixing, leopard print, polka dots, fall trends, beret, in style

I've also been experimenting with my nails. I'm obsessed with gold accents right now, so naturally, a gold-tipped manicure was in order. I found a really easy way to do it with the help of this nail tutorial.

What have you been up to? I hope you're enjoying Autumn as much as I am :)

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Fleur d'Elise, pattern mixing, leopard print, polka dots, fall trends, beret, in style
Forever21 dress - PINK leopard print cardigan - Vintage Coach - MIA flats - American Apparel beret - Thrifted leather belt

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Clarisonic: Is it worth it?

(Image Source: Seventeen)

It's seems like in the world of cosmetics, the more money you spend the better the product and the better your skin will look. This seems to make sense, but is it always true? I've never tried La Mer, but it's such a huge seller, and at $275 per 2 oz pot, I imagine it's doing something!

I figured the same must be true for the Clarisonic Care System (which sells like hotcakes despite costing $119), but have never given it a serious thought until SkinCareRX approached me to do a partnership. They wanted me to *gasp* review the Clarisonic. I thought "I can't afford that, what am I gonna do??" but Jillian at SkinCareRX reassured me I wouldn't be required to purchase a system and encouraged me to be creative. I'm not at a point in my life where I can really afford to try it out for myself, but this seemed like a good opportunity to do some "research" and gather opinions from friends who actually own the system. Below, I've compiled a list of Pros and Cons, as well as whether the system was actually "worth it" in the end.

Holds a charge for a long time
Can be charged while wet
Great for removing heavy make-up
Clears up black heads
Exfoliates and works well on acne-prone skin
Comes in several colors
Can be used twice a day

Price ($119 to $235)
Replacement heads are expensive and have to be replaced every couple months
Can increase the redness of dry and/or sensitive skin
The PLUS has only one button, which makes it tricky to change the settings
Takes 4 hours to charge

As for whether it was really worth it, the consensus was split pretty evenly. One friend loved it and raved about how much it had improved her acne-prone skin. Another friend was rather ambivalent and said "I like it, but I don't need  it." Of course, she has naturally great skin, so she doesn't really need anything. The third friend said, had she not gotten her's for free, she probably wouldn't have been happy with her investment, since it made her dry skin more inflamed. It did, however, improve the texture and reduce the appearance of black heads.

After taking this all into consideration, I think, if I had the funds, I would definitely give the Clarisonic a try, but I can imagine it would go unused once I ran out of replacement heads. I'm cheap, haha.

What about you? Do you own one or would you buy one? I want to know!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Runway to Real Way

You don't have to look too hard to find affordable runway lookalikes. As a matter of fact, you can do it all in one online shopping trip! I found four gorgeous dresses, all from ASOS's dress collection, and all perfectly on-trend for Fall.

L'Wren Scott F/W '12
runway to real way #2

At L'Wren Scott, it was all art deco luxury. Go for rich colors and prints. The ASOS Wiggle Dress in Coloured Wallpaper Print fulfills both of those requirements. Top it off with glittering accessories like ASOS Hyla Strappy Heeled Sandals and the Limited Edition Cameo Brooch 3 Pack

Carven F/W '12

runway to real way: carven fall 2012

The look was almost school girl-esque at Carven. A mini dress, like the Nishe Flower Tapestry Lantern Dress, layered over a white collared shirt looks prim without being too stuffy. Try the ASOS Shirt with Scalloped Collar. For added warmth try a pair of Pieces Knew High Socks or some black tights. Maryjanes are the perfect finishing detail. Try ASOS Pebble Maryjane High Heels.

Jil Sander F/W 2012
runway to real way #1

Jil Sander transported us back to the art deco time period again. Although, this show focused on the geometric simplicity of the art movement. When replicating this look, go for geometric patterns and color blocks in cool blues, grays, and pinks. ASOS's Denim Dress with Chevron Panel is perfect and looks simply chic with the ASOS Prior Pointed High Heels. I couldn't find an oversized coat, like the Jil Sander one, but the ASOS Boyfriend Blazer will look just as good with the dress.

Preen F/W '12
Runway to Real Way: Preen

Preen was one of my favorite Fall collections (see the whole collection here). The foggy grays and apple greens and reds reminded me of early Fall in the Northwest. Crisp and bright and full of life. I happened to find the Full Circle Floral Drape Neck Dress, that is almost exactly like the one seen here at Preen. Pair it with simple accessories like the ASOS Metal Bar Detailed Envelope Clutch and maybe a pair of pearl earrings or some silver bracelets. As for shoes, keep them simple, too. A pair like the ASOS Push It Metallic Platforms would be perfect.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

GIVEAWAY: $30 voucher

Fleur d'Elise, fall fashion, floral blazer, Vivilli
 I started my week with a fun new blazer from the generous people over at I always need more texture and pattern in my wardrobe, so when they offered me this tropical print blazer I snapped it up! It will add character to any Fall outfit.

Floral blazer c/o - Forever21 blouse - thrifted skirt - Forever21 belt - H&M pouch

Now it's time for the giveaway details!

What? Another giveaway? Yep, that's right! This time around, the amazing people over at sponsoring! One lucky reader will win $30 worth of Vivilli goods. The best part is the winner gets to choose! If you need some ideas, I've found a few wonderful pieces that are around $30 or less!

 Heart-print blouse $31

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3. Tweet a message about the giveaway and leave your Twitter handle in a comment below
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Friday, October 5, 2012

crewneck chic: how to style a sweatshirt

how to style, fall fashion, what i wore, sport luxe, pixie cut, seattle street style
You can't deny it, crewneck sweatshirts are the epitome of relaxed casual. It might seem like they would be the farthest from fashionable, but their simplicity makes them the perfect edition to any outfit on any day. With the right styling, they're even appropriate for the office.

Here are 4 tips on how to style this classic piece:

how to style, fall fashion, what i wore, casual style, sport luxe, pixie cut, seattle street style
1. For work, layer a sweatshirt over a collared shirt for a preppy look.

2. Stick to a size that fits similarly to the way a crewneck sweater would. 
Not too baggy, but not skin tight.

how to style, fall fashion, what i wore, sport luxe, pixie cut, style, seattle street style, red lipstick

3. Look for sweatshirts in the kid's department!
If you're 5'6" or under, or particularly slender, buy your sweatshirt from the kid's department. The length will be a little shorter and the sleeves will be a little more flattering. They're usually cheaper, too. Land's End carries a classic sweatshirt for only $20 which comes in 3 different fits and 21 different sizes! According to the sizing chart, the regular XL will fit up to 174 lbs!

4. Treat a simple grey sweatshirt like a blank canvas.
Pile on those glitzy necklaces and bracelets, don some bright lipstick, and layer on as many layers as the weather permits. The sweatshirt will remain a subtle anchor no matter what direction your styling goes.

how to style, fall fashion, what i wore, casual style, sport luxe, pixie cut, seattle street style, red lipstick
Friday Fashion Facts:
"Schrank" is a German word for a grey crewneck sweatshirt. 
This word is still in use in some German neighborhoods in the North East U.S. (Source: Wikipedia)

Thrifted sweatshirt (similar) - vintage gingham blouse (similar) - Forever21 trousers (similar) - Steve Madden wedges (similar)GAP denim jacket - vintage necklaces (here's a neat one!) - Forever21 midi skirt (similar) - vintage stachel
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