Friday, October 5, 2012

crewneck chic: how to style a sweatshirt

how to style, fall fashion, what i wore, sport luxe, pixie cut, seattle street style
You can't deny it, crewneck sweatshirts are the epitome of relaxed casual. It might seem like they would be the farthest from fashionable, but their simplicity makes them the perfect edition to any outfit on any day. With the right styling, they're even appropriate for the office.

Here are 4 tips on how to style this classic piece:

how to style, fall fashion, what i wore, casual style, sport luxe, pixie cut, seattle street style
1. For work, layer a sweatshirt over a collared shirt for a preppy look.

2. Stick to a size that fits similarly to the way a crewneck sweater would. 
Not too baggy, but not skin tight.

how to style, fall fashion, what i wore, sport luxe, pixie cut, style, seattle street style, red lipstick

3. Look for sweatshirts in the kid's department!
If you're 5'6" or under, or particularly slender, buy your sweatshirt from the kid's department. The length will be a little shorter and the sleeves will be a little more flattering. They're usually cheaper, too. Land's End carries a classic sweatshirt for only $20 which comes in 3 different fits and 21 different sizes! According to the sizing chart, the regular XL will fit up to 174 lbs!

4. Treat a simple grey sweatshirt like a blank canvas.
Pile on those glitzy necklaces and bracelets, don some bright lipstick, and layer on as many layers as the weather permits. The sweatshirt will remain a subtle anchor no matter what direction your styling goes.

how to style, fall fashion, what i wore, casual style, sport luxe, pixie cut, seattle street style, red lipstick
Friday Fashion Facts:
"Schrank" is a German word for a grey crewneck sweatshirt. 
This word is still in use in some German neighborhoods in the North East U.S. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Boheme.Fille said...

Great advices! These looks are beautiful!

Caitlin M. Peterson of the (ef)Face said...

Gorgeous! I have one crewneck sweatshirt, but I definitely need to add more to my collection.


Ashley said...

Great tip about finding a kids one! I like outfit number 2 very much! Of course, I won't be wearing a sweatshirt for another month at least here in TX.

mispapelicos said...


squidword said...

love the collar and shoes in the first outfit! gorgeous!! amazing jaket and striped skirt too!! and what a perfect bag!!

ladyhoward said...

I love bright lips with neutrals. So chic!

Jen_A said...

Amazing outfit!! Everything is perfect from your hairstyle to shoes!!!

Thrifted Shift said...

You look adorable! Your animal print wedges are inspiring me to get my own...

Sarah | Cable Car Couture said...

I love these type of blogs with styling ideas! You ought to submit it to What I Wore -- she's having a Fall Remix Challenge right now and this would totally work for it!!! I entered in her winter challenge and it was great for traffic and networking.

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