Friday, October 26, 2012

Rivet & Sway

rivet & sway: stylish frames you try on at home!

One of my goals this year has been to work with local Seattle businesses. This city is chalk-full of stylish, talented people who make any proud Seattlite even happier to call this city home.

Rivet & Sway is one of those local businesses that makes me proud to be from Seattle. They're the total package.
The company is staffed by great people and, despite it being an online shopping experience, it doesn't feel that way! Everyone is so helpful and friendly, and the service is so personalized, that it really feels like you're a VIP at a local boutique. They even have a personal stylist who will help you find the perfect pair of frames.

At the moment, I have no need for prescription glasses, but judging by the amount of people who wear them in my family, I will probably need them soon. That's why I only felt a little silly ordering frames from Rivet & Sway. When Ritzy, Rivet & Sway's personal stylist, contacted me about writing a review I thought "Well, say what you want about fake glasses on people who don't need them, I'll at least have a nice pair of frames when my eyesight starts to go!" Plus, as you all probably know, I am not shy about wearing non-prescription lense.

The whole process is pretty simple. 

1. Choose three
If you know what works for your face or what you love, then you can just choose for yourself. If you can't decide, you can use the Personal Styling feature and Ritzy will send you some personalized recommendations based on what you like and face shape.

2. Try them at home
Once you've picked three frames, Rivet & Sway will ship them, both ways, for free! You get 3 days to try them on, ask your friends for input, etc. Ritzy is even available to give advice if you can't decide! When you've decide, you ship all the frames back.

3. Order your favorite
The last step is to order the pair you decided on. This is where you enter your Rx info and they will be ready within a week!

I'm such a sucker for great packaging and graphic design.

Rivet & Sway: The Spitfire
I'm rather partial to the Spitfire in Galapagos Green

Rivet & Sway specs

Which style should I go for?
Rivet & Sway: The Rizzo
RIvet & Sway: The Faster Pussycat
RIvet & Sway: The Spitfire

Check back for a pin-to-win sponsored by Rivet & Sway!


Anonymous said...

I personally like the Rizzo! I mean the name for starters. But I'm a sucker for tortoiseshell and they make your eyes look huge!

Sarah | Cable Car Couture said...

How fabulous, I love finding out about new companies like Rivet & Sway! I got my glasses from Tortoise and Blonde that have a similar home try-on style. My favorite is the Rizzo. The Spitfire has a lot of fun but may be too large on your petite face.

Cable Car Couture

Erin said...

I'm the same way; any company with great design and packaging... ah! I love it.

I need new glasses too, this post just reminded me...! All of them look great on you; I love the green on the inside of the Spitfire pair (*drool*)

- Erin xo - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

Anonymous said...

I like the Spitfire--very close to the glasses I'm currently wearing.

mispapelicos said...

You look cute in all of them.
Have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

What a cool company! I have no need for prescription glasses either, but sometimes I want to have the courage to wear some falsies. :D Maybe one day I will!

I personally like the Spitfire on you. I think the shape is really fun! <3


Unknown said...

I like the cat eye look, they look so European on you! Haha : )

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