Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday Gift Guides: Everyone + Gifts under $5

I tried my best to make a gift guide for everyone, but it turned into more of a guide to hostess gifts. Once again, everything is under $20 and most of the items are from small, American businesses, so shop away! The "Stuff Under $5" list is much more suitable for all ages and genders, but isn't as small business oriented, with the exception of the Theo chocolate.

Gift Guide: Etc.

1. Cardamon-Clove Royal Rose Syrup $15
This is the perfect gift for a foodie or someone who loves entertaining. Or maybe just someone who loves drinking. Either way, it's really fancy and really delicious, without costing you a fortune. Also comes in Raspberry or Lavender-Lemon.

2. Spicy Apple Tea Lights from Terrain $12
These candles are 100% beeswax, made in the USA, and smell delicious. They're a steal at $12!

3. Decorative Matches ~$3.50
You know what always goes great with candles? Fire. Bundle a decorative box of matches with those tea lights, and you've got the perfect hostess gift. I usually buy them at gift stores, but they're also available on Amazon in packs of 3 for $9.99.

4. Cupcake Royale Bacon Crack $9.50
This bacon brittle is handmade right here in Seattle and makes an extravagant ice cream topping. You can also sprinkle it on cupcakes or just eat it straight outta the fancy Weck jar.

5. Paperwhite Bulb Garden $16
Bring some sunshine to someone's post-Holiday slump. These fragrant white flowers are perfect for forcing indoors and bloom in about 3 weeks. You can buy them already potted or put together a kit at your local garden nursery.

Gift Guide: Under $5

Gift Guide: Under $5 by fleur-d-elise featuring lip treatments

These fun and functional moist wipes are available at Target, as well as directly from the Motif website. They also make matching hand soap in pretty scents and equally pretty packaging.

This decadent bar of chocolate is sooo much better than those chocolate oranges. It costs way less and is made from organic, Fair Trade chocolate. Plus, chocolate is good for you, so buy lots. Available through the Theo website and at Whole Foods.

This is my favorite lip balm. It's all-natural, has a subtle flavor, and doesn't contain any of the drying ingredients, like phenol and menthol, that can lead to "lip balm addiction".

4. LePen pens $2 each 
These are great little pens. They come in 12 smudge-proof colors and perfect for crafting or just general writing purposes. 

5. Satsumas, tangerines, mandarins and clementines 
Don't forget to put a couple of these glorious little citrus fruits in each stocking! They also make great, last-minute hostess gifts as they're usually pretty cheap this time of year. Just head over to your local grocer and pick up a pound, or maybe a whole crate!  

Hope all my American readers have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And to my foreign readership, be thankful that you don't have to deal with Black Friday.

UPDATE: I can't believe I forgot to include these! May I recommend Bergamotes de Nancy? They're very hard to find as they're only made in one place: a quiet city in the Lorraine region of France. When I was seven, my mom visited family in Nancy and brought these back for me and my sisters. I've been dreaming of them ever since. They're similar in flavor to Earl Gray tea, but happily lack the bitterness of black tea. The tin is a little pricey, so I would recommend the sachet, which is available on Amazon for $14.95


Katie Carson said...

Love love love this gift list! Totally things that people want for such a great price! In my Etsy shop, you can get a 6.5 ounce bar of soap for $6.50 and some made-from-scratch bath whip for the same price. How is that for an inexpensive yet completely gorgeous gift. Check us out!

Elanor said...

I'm definitely going to be getting Theo chocolate for some friends back home. ;) It's SO good and a great idea for a gift! Lovely ideas here!


perfect gift!

Lizzie said...

Perfect little gift ideas :) I love this post!!


Sarah | Cable Car Couture said...

What a great post! I can personally attest that the Theo orange dark chocolate is fabulous.

Cable Car Couture

Unknown said...

These are some great ideas, Catie! I will have to try that "bacon crack" and you just reminded me I need to get my paperwhites planted, stat! Thanks!!! ~Sarah of Sarah Hulbert Style

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