Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Look of the Day: A Year in Review

 Texture & print in January

Florals in February

Dusty Dior in March

Sporting April

Neon & Neutrals in May

Jeans in June

That Dress (July)

Autumn Preview in August

Scarlet in September

California Chambray in October

Mini Dress for November

Tartan December

It's been a very successful year! Here's to 2014!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Look of the Day: Fur & Glitter

dress, new years eve, fashion, seattle, blonde, silver shoes, vintage, fur
 I can't get over these pictures. The lighting could have been so harsh and ruinous, but Bella is amazing. She took some stunning photos!

dress, new years eve, fashion, seattle, blonde, silver shoes
 The vintage dress is from Bella's collection at Beats & Bohos. I styled it with a fur stole I inherited from my uncle's mother, and matching silver shoes and clutch. Perfectly over-the-top for ringing in the New Year! The diamond shaped earrings are a great deal on Oasap.

dress, new years eve, fashion, seattle, blonde, silver shoes, vermeer, photography
More shots from our styling sessions can be found on Bella's blog, The Citizen Rosebud. Or, stop by Beats & Bohos to see some of my other picks from Bella's stash of vintage wear! She also has a lot of treasures for sale in her Etsy store

Friday, December 27, 2013

Look of the Day: Plaid Peplum

choies, peplum, woolen, christmas, street style, winter
The plaid peplum I ordered off Chictopia came just in time for Christmas! It's made from soft, thick flannel which was one of the main reasons I bought it. So warm and cozy, while still being playful enough for a celebration! I was a little disappointed when one of the seams split on the shoulder, but that's always a risk with mid-range clothes. Seam allowances are minimal! Since I'm such an impatient sewer, I just used a hot glue gun and it looks good as new.

Christmas is done and the bustle is not quite so hustled. I'm always a little melancholy about it, but mostly because I love the preparation and anticipation! I made quite a few gifts this year and about 20 cards. I even hand painted a lot of my wrapping paper. It means one of two things: I either have too much time on my hands or I am an excellent manager of my time. Neither seems like it could be true.

paper bag, gift wrap, handmade, diy, christmas, noel

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was spent with everyone I love, save for a few friends who felt it was necessary to spend their time with their real family ;)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Merry Reprise: Waxed Snowflakes

I've been making these waxed snowflakes for years, but recently they've been receiving a lot of attention! My how-to post has always been one of my most popular posts and the pins bring lots of traffic through Pinterest. 

This year, I decided to sell sets on Etsy and was thrilled when I sold 4 sets to a store in New Orleans! The shop, Storyville Apparel, hung the 60 handcut snowflakes in their window (The ones on the windows are not mine).

And guess who emailed me this week about featuring them on their site? Apartment Therapy!! Makes one feel very accomplished. And with all the snide remarks in the comment section about my snowflakes being too hard and scientifically inaccurate, I think it's safe to say I am an internet success!

If you'd like to make your own snowflakes, here's my DIY post.

If you'd like to read the nerdy comments on my feature, click here.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Glitter Giveaway: Win Earrings from Anjolee

Anjolee wants to make your holidays even brighter by sending one lucky reader a pair of beautiful gem drop earrings! 

The winner will receive sparkly cubic zirconiums set in sterling silver. If you're interested in the real bling, Anjolee offers diamond drop earrings in several stunning styles and sizes. You can also choose the size, quality and color of your stone!

jewelry, anjolee, glitter, diamonds, jewels, earrings

Here's how to enter:

1. Like the Anjolee FB page (required)
2. Like the Fleur d'Elise FB page (required)
3. For extra points you can tweet about it!
(Open to US residents only. Sorry!)

UPDATE: Make sure you're using the Rafflecopter widget to enter the giveaway! I won't be able to track your entries if you don't!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Links à la Mode: December 12


Festive Fashionista

The holiday party season is here.... what are you wearing? Better yet, what are you brining to the party? This week's roundup is all things glimmery for the holiday season. Like you just can't get enough, right? Well put on your glitter and get your glass of 'nog because you're in for a holiday treat!

Links à la Mode: December 12

  SPONSOR: East Dane Jimmy Choo, O'2nd Onia, Rochas Bags, Lip Watches, Res Denim, Ari Dein, Emily Faith, Marysia, Onia

Friday, December 13, 2013

Look of the Day: Tartan Christmas

Recently, I've had the pleasure of hanging out with the Citizen Rosebud who lives just up the hill from me. She is a fashion blogging genius with a wonderful eye for vintage. She let me go through her trunks of treasures and style some pieces. My absolute favorite was this bright scarlet skirt from Pendleton. It has a matching blazer, which we both agreed is something no normal human being can pull off. That is a lot of fiery tartan! The skirt alone is such a statement piece, I thought it would be perfect for Christmastime, when you want to wear something extra special to parties and gatherings

I paired it with a simple wool sweater, a skinny belt, and a strand of vintage rhinestones. For outdoors, the fur would be around my shoulders.

If you're interested in the skirt, you can contact me or Bella. It's also available at Beats & Bohos in the Greenwood. If you're not in the Seattle area, you can also find her vintage goods on Etsy!

We're planning a big giveaway in January, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hustle & Bustle

I'm always surprised at just how much busier I am during the Holidays. This year I am even busier than ever! I picked up a seasonal job at Paper Source, my Etsy shop is doing great, and I'm making as many Christmas presents as possible. I've also started conspiring with fellow Seattle blogger, Bella, of The Citizen Rosebud to host a big giveaway. Check back in on Friday for more on that topic!

That's all fun-busy. I'm also lame-busy with my property management job. How many sewage problems can one building have? That's all I'll say about that.

Here's what else I've been up to...

I made a Christmas town! It's my pride and joy. The roofs have been dusted with "snow" since I took this picture. If you want to make your own Christmas town, I have a set of little paper houses for sale in my Etsy shop.

Speaking of Etsy, that place is so full of wonderful things! I'm really hoping Santa puts a pair of these neon coral earrings in my stocking.

I want to make these beautiful paper lanterns! I just need to find big enough pictures of castles...

I usually like to post gift guides this time of year, but I just haven't had time! Have you posted one? You should share it on IFB!

If you're in need of a gift guide, then head on over to my favorite lifestyle blog, Cup of Jo, for guides tailored to fit everyone on your list.

I've eaten nearly all the hungarian goulash I made last night. I loooove soup with dumplings. Here's a similar recipe that looks delicious!

So what have you been up to? I hope your season has been festive and bright so far!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Joyeux Neon: DIY Christmas Cards

  Who says neon pink isn't a Christmas color? It sure as heck brightens up those long, cold nights! This year, I decided my cards would be gold and neon pink. Honestly, I wasn't too sure about the colors, but they are turning out spectacularly! Well, at least I think so.

christmas, french, neon, card

The picture of the card does not do it justice. Neon can be tricky to photograph, but I think it gives you the idea of what can be done with a little neon and a lot of gold!

holiday, neon, cards, crafts, vintage, christmas, winter

Sourcing your materials:

1. Vintage Kitsch
Christmas decor and gift wrap are the things no one wants at garage and estate sales, so it's easy to find great stuff at dirt-cheap prices. I found the bell seals, the neon poinsettia, the super cool Santa in a sports car, and the snowy tree all at one estate sale. If you don't have time to go estate saleing, there's tons of cut vintage stuff on Etsy. This set has a lot of great pieces. I have a couple small kits for sale, too, that would be perfect for holiday crafting. 

2. Cut It Up
Post cards and old books are fabulous for crafting (the pine cone is from an old kid's encyclopedia). You can use every part! Text adds texture, hard covers can be used as canvases, and many old books have beautifully patterned end pages that can be used for all sorts of decorative purposes.

3. Think Outside the Pages
Even easier and cheaper? Recycled magazines and newspapers! The polka dot snowflake was a Wall Street Journal and the reindeer envelope was either a Martha Stewart Living or National Geographic.

4. Practice Makes Perfect
I write out a lot of my own greetings on the front. With a little practice, you can have beautifully lettered holiday cards. Each one unique! Get some watercolors and a fine brush or use a nice pen and just write out your words until you like them! You can get ideas from Pinterest or watch a tutorial if you're not sure where to start. If you live in the Seattle area, Sarah at Paper Source, teaches an amazing hand-lettering class!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Skincare Routine

The beautiful Katerina from Beauty In Insanity asked me very nicely to write a post about my skincare routine and since I like her so much, I felt I should oblige. 

I've had quite a few compliments on my rosey complexion throughout my life. Sometimes nice, sometimes along the lines of "Were you just running?" I hated my pink cheeks when I was a kid, but now they keep me looking young. That, I'm sorry to say, comes from genetics. I'm as much Dutch as I am French and that side of the family is prone to ruddy complexions. I can't guarantee these products will make your skin as rosy as mine, but they're a start!

The Routine

1. If I'm not struck by a bout of laziness, I use an Aveeno Moisturizing Bar to wash off the day's make-up.

2. In the morning, I use Obiqo Gentle Face Scrub in the shower to wake up my skin. Alternatively, I use the homemade face polish mentioned in this post.

3. If my skin is teaching me a lesson about laziness, I apply lavender essential oil to my Red Badges of Irresponsibility. 

4. Resvology Age Corrective Eye Cream actually helps with puffiness and dark circles. For real!

5. If I'm planning on wearing foundation, I use Clinique's All About Eyes Serum since it soaks in faster. Works great to reduce puffiness!

6. At night, I use Obiqo Restoring Night Cream. I don't usually need moisturizer during the day, but sometimes I use Sibu Hydrating Serum.

Bonus Skincare: Sometimes my skin needs a good, deep cleanse, so I do the 1.2.3. Facial which is basically a simple homemade oil mask, a facial steam to open pores, and a good wash. Simple as that!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Look of the Day: Merry & Bright

PINK, Victoria's Secret, satin, merry, bright, chirstmas, party
Of all the photos I took for the Chictopia x Victoria's Secret PINK campaign, I think these ones are my favorite. They're exactly what I had in mind when I decided to style the Bling Crew Sweatshirt for a holiday party. I put it over top of my 1950s satin Christmas dress and it was like magic! Don't be afraid to belt things, tie things, or even just tuck & roll!

PINK, Victoria's Secret, satin, merry, bright, chirstmas, party

PINK Bling Crew (c/o) - Vintage Satin Dress - Maison Martin Margiela for H&M wedges - Crate & Barrel mini lights

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Look of the Day: Cozy & Bright

I can't tell you how excited I am to be wearing these sweatpants. That may sound silly, but get this! Chictopia and Victoria's Secret PINK actually sent them to me and asked me to be a part of their holiday campaign!! Styling sweatpants is a little daunting, but a neon pink shirt with lace shoulders & some festive additions definitely make it easier!

I cut all the snowflakes myself. It's something I do every year around this time. I can sit for hours cutting them, which means I have tons! I had to get creative with my shoot, since the weather was beyond crummy, and these little paper wonders came in quite handy! The battery operated lights from Crate & Barrel saved my photos from being too dark & dreary.

Visit PINK New & Now to shop my outfit and see the other bloggers that created holiday looks. More of my stuff is also in Chictopia's Victoria's Secret PINK gallery!

More to come!
PINK Lace Shoulder Raglan Tee - PINK Campus Pant - Vintage REI duck boots - Vintage pompom hat - H&M scarf

Monday, November 18, 2013

Look of the Day: Floral Mini

vintage, floral, strapless dress, blonde, fleur d'elise

I can't believe I'm selling this dress. It's so cute and was so easy to style, that I'm sort of having second thoughts about listing it on Etsy. I braved the wind and cold to take these photos for the listing and am impressed with how cute the dress looks with a little added texture and contrasting accessories. If you're interested, you better buy it quick before I change my mind!

Another great find that I'm not sure I want to sell? This little Coach-ish purse I found at the Goodwill last night. It's from the Mervyns line of Coach-style bags and it's honestly quite close to being the same quality as the real thing. The hardware is a little squeaky, which is the only way to tell. The leather is gorgeously soft and in tip-top shape. I am trying to think of reasons to keep it other than "It's so cute!"

Last week, I realized that I wear blue about 75% of the time. I love the color and it's super flattering, but it's time to start dressing outside my comfort zone! My goal for my next 3 looks, at least, is to wear other colors. I own them, so it shouldn't be hard!

timex watch, vintage, purse, coach

Vintage strapless mini dress - J.Crew cardigan - vintage purse - Timex Dress Chronograph - Target flats - Forever21 glasses
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