Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 Tips for Better Blogging

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Many of these tips you've already heard, like "host a giveaway to draw an audience" or "Use Twitter to promote". The problem you may have run into though, is many times you don't know how to draw the traffic to your giveaway or where to find linkies, lists of useful tags, etc. Here, I've compiled a short list of my favorite tools and resources. I hope it's useful!

1. Improve your Page Rank
You know that famous blogger that has a thousand comments? Well, don't skip leaving your two cents! Leave a nice comment and make sure to include a link to your blog. More than likely, the famous blogger has a higher Page Rank than you, and leaving your link can actually help improve your page rank!

This html link code works in most comment fields

2. Expand your tag vocabulary
I use Google Keywords tool to make sure I'm using the most efficient tags and labels in each post.

3. Giveaways Linkies
You might already know this, but giveaways can really help to get your blog noticed. Sometimes it's tricky getting the word out about the giveaway, though. I've had really good luck with linkies hosted by sites like Tight Wad in Utah and, if you're giving something away that's from an Etsy shop, you should definitely submit your link to the Etsy Giveaway Blog.

4. Edit your photos. For free!
You don't have to spend hours or even splash out the big bucks for PhotoShop. Just little tweaks like upping the contrast or adjusting the colors can make a huge difference. I use, which is amazing. It's easier than Gimp and has way more feature than the editor in Windows Photo Gallery.

5. Tweet efficiently
Maybe I'm just bad at Twitter, but I'm always kind of at a loss as to what hastags to use to promote blog tweets. I'm getting better at, but when I have a Twitter block, I use this list of hashtags for fashion bloggers from Natasha over at One Woman's Style Evolution.

If you found these tips helpful, you might also want to read this post about promoting your fashion blog.


Anonymous said...

I think these are great tips! I never knew about the Google Keyword search so I'll have to look into that. One of my other tips, (which you do so well) is to join fashion communities like Chictopia, Lookbook, etc. That brings a little bit of exposure especially if you acquire a lot of fans.

And thank you for your kind words on my last post! I'm glad you've never received any negative comments. On one level it's laughable because sometimes the comments are dumb. But at the same time, it is a little hurtful because I don't think anyone is completely secure in their looks and it's hurtful when someone points out the things you already feel badly about yourself. I just hope that by spreading positivity to all the young women who blog out there, they will gain the confidence to look past those negative comments! <3


Pardon My Fashion said...

DAMN...I need to get on this ISH! I enjoyy editing photos and tweeting but not so much the other stuff. Gotta buckle down!


robincharmagne said...

Good tips. I've heard about Pixlr but I didn't know it was free, definitely checking that out!

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