Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Look of the Day: Rooftop Pleats

Fleur d'Elise, blonde, short hair, in style, Seattle, floral maxi dress
 I don't usually talk about my "day job" much, but for this post, I guess it's necessary. I'm just too excited. I'm a property manager (not the exciting part), and I manage the apartments I live in. The building is 60+ years old, so it has its quirks. Anyway, the door that leads to the roof of the building next-door has been unusable for quite sometime; painted shut I imagine. However, after half a century of exposure to the elements, it was starting to rot through. We finally replaced it this week. I've been dreaming of one day having roof access so I can have a little roof top garden and now it looks like I got my wish! Conveniently, I also manage the building the door opens onto, so I don't even need to ask permission!

Fleur d'Elise, blonde, short hair, in style, Seattle, floral maxi dress
Another great thing is that we'll have easy access to the roof on the 4th of July. It's not the best view of the Space Needle, but you can definitely see downtown and all the fireworks! Also, we'll be saved from making the awkward and terrifying climb from the neighbor's yard. 

Fleur d'Elise, blonde, short hair, in style, Seattle, floral maxi dress
You might be seeing a lot of pictures of me up here. It's private and has natural light times infinity. 

Fleur d'Elise, blonde, short hair, in style, Seattle, floral maxi dress

Floral maxi dress - Diesel denim vest (similar) - H&M jacket - J.Crew cashmere hat - Bamboo platforms (similar) - vintage Coach purse - thrifted sunglasses (similar)


Unknown said...

ohhh love your dress!! your style is great!!

Greeting, Ugo

Avec Amber said...

Wow, this dress is so gorgeous and striking! You look fabulous!

Avec Amber

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Boheme.Fille said...

Gorgeous look! I so love your dress! :)


The colours in this dress are marvellous! Love that it's pleated so much! :) /Madison

A said...

Pretty to cool to have an accessible roof in my opinion, it would be quite difficult/dangerous to climb on my roof (sloped kind of roof you know) I love your bag btw


I love that maxi dress. Roof top views are the best.

Cee said...

You have access to an apartment rooftop? I'm so envious - I've always tought they would ake the perfect place for blog photos, what with the privacy and possibility for amazing views! Also, hello most gorgeous dress ever and cutest hat! I'm going through a serious beanie phase and my favourite one just died a horrible death in our washing machine, so I'm officially on the hunt for a replacement and I love yours!

Mel* said...

love your style!!
I'm following you with GFC!!
I'm waiting for you on Dressing&Toppings..and FbPage if you want! ;)
Kiss from Rome

Unknown said...

wow you look amazing! I love the colors, the dress, everything!

Kitsune-kun said...

what a fuuuun dress!

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