Friday, February 22, 2013

New Shoes!

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Let me just start with how happy I am. There's still little things in my life that need to be perfected, but compared to the health problems I've had over the past 2 years, those little imperfections are nothing. I've mentioned it in a few posts, but I suffer from dumb feet. More specifically, I've got something called sesamoiditis, which is a chronic inflammation in a small bone in the ball of the foot. It's amazing how much heart ache and pain can come from a bone the size of a kidney bean. Anyway, this time I really think it is finally calming down! I never thought I'd say it, but my sesamoiditis is healing!

shoes, wedges, maison martin margiela, glitter, fleur d'elise, catie beatty
So, I've been buying more shoes, because I can finally actually wear them! I still need to be careful, and I wear ugly tennis shoes on most days, but I'm fine with that, because I'd rather be pain-free. These Maison Martin Margiela wedges aren't the most comfortable shoes, but I can actually walk in them! I found them on eBay for a third of their original cost at H&M. Sturdy, leather-soled, and gorgeous; all you need in a shoe.

shoes, wedges, maison martin margiela, glitter, fleur d'elise, catie beatty

leather, boat shoes, dexter, made in the usa, fleur d'elise, catie beatty, vintage
I was pretty happy to find these leather boat shoes by Dexter at Deseret Industries in Shoreline. They fit my custom orthotics, which is splendid, because they cost a lot (like as much as a pair of designer shoes) and I'm supposed to use them all the time. The shoes were made in the USA, which may not matter as much for used things, but still can mean that they're higher quality.

The leather is perfectly broken in, so I won't have to suffer through breaking it in myself. I feel pretty cool wearing them with my cropped black BDGs and no socks, haha. Next step: Red Wing boots... oh no, I'm turning into my husband.

sandals, vintage, etsy, retro, fleur d'elise
Like I mentioned in this post, I bought three pairs of vintage sandals at an estate sale in West Seattle. My plan was to sell two of them, but the black version of the ones pictured above had some damage I didn't see when I bought them. These gold and beige ones are for sale in my Etsy shop, though. They look great on and are pretty comfortable. The faceted plastic jewels were what caught my eye. They're so over the top. The woman who used to own them had 5 pairs! All in different colors. I hope I can find someone who loved them as much as she did.


Unknown said...

Cute! I especially love the first pair!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your have that condition! But I'm glad to know it's getting better and you're able to wear more styles of shoes. Those MMM ones from H&M are soo cute! I haven't even shopped on eBay in forever so maybe I should check for some of the designer collaborations I missed out on. :) Have a great weekend! <3


Veronica said...

Hope your feet will get better!
Love the silver flats!


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Kitsune-kun said...

those coat shoes are amazing! they have DI's in washington!?

barbaritapuca said...

què bonitos zapatitos plateados ♥

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