Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Look of the Day: Picnic for One

Seattle, street style, Spring fashion, Madewell sweatshirt dress, picnic
My husband, Trevor, is gone on a business trip, but that's no reason to mope around all week. That means it's times to be pretend single!

Whenever he goes away, it's always a mix of feelings. We're both pretty independent, but we got married for a reason, so of course we miss each other. It's nice, though, having a big bed to myself and doing whatever I want for dinner.

pastels, spring, Seattle, fashion, Fleur d'Elise, corgi, picnic, Madewell sweatshirt dress
Monday was the most glorious day we've had in Seattle in a while. It was close to 60 and splendidly sunny. I didn't have much to do at work, so I threw on my Madewell sweatshirt dress (haven't had many opportunities to wear it) and some happy colors, and went shopping with Frida at University Village. We didn't buy anything (amazingly), but Frida did have her photo taken twice! And we finally met another Corgi Chihuahua mix that, somehow, had ears bigger than Frida's.

Seattle, lifestyle, Vogue, vintage, sunglasses, picnic, Malena's
When I got home, a picnic dinner sounded like a good idea, so I stopped by Malena's, which recently opened down the block from my apartment. I ordered the shrimp taco combo, which was amazing. I expected previously frozen cocktail shrimp, but they were pretty fresh and perfectly cooked. I finished off some hard cider from an orchard in Chelan and read a bit of the new Vogue.

Seattle, street style, Spring fashion, Madewell sweatshirt dress, picnicVans, picnic, lifestyle, Seattle, shoes, summer, spring, stripes
The best part about Spring: being able to go out with bare legs!! I've been looking forward to wearing skirts and dresses without tights for so long! I just wish the swelling would go down in my ankles. That's right, a month later, still recovering from my multiple falls. Stupid weak ankles! Luckily, I think I'm the only one who can tell the difference.

Seattle, street style, Spring fashion, Madewell sweatshirt dress, picnic, stripes, rooftop
If only my husband could have as lovely a week, but that is not the life of a man who works in the thrilling field of grants administration. Hopefully his weekend will be more enjoyable than his week, though. Thursday, I'm off to Baltimore to visit friends and meet up with Trevor (back to being for-real married). I've packed 3 camera cards, so I should have some photos of my travels to share with you by next week! Hope you all have wonderful holiday weekend!

Madewell Sweatshirt Dress - J.Crew jersey cardigan (similar) - Lady Howard circle scarf (similar) - Classic Vans - vintage sunglasses (similar)


Kitsune-kun said...

ha! that's the spirit! fun:) ryan and I will be separated for all of may and june this year, since his summer job won't cover my airfare, and i'm actually kind of excited for some much needed self time and GIRL time! if you ever feel like roadtripping, maybe we could meet somewhere? I'll be in utah...

lola said...

We have such a horrible weather where I live...I can only dream about a little picnic like yours... Lovely scarf, x

ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

such great photos! cannot wait for the weather to be the same as in the place where you live :)

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of your rooftop!

I can also completely relate to those feelings, since I have virtually the same blissful joy whenever my husband is away for the night.

Your dog is adorable.

I have that scarf.

And that is sufficiently all of my random thought vomit for the evening!

Unknown said...

This looks like a fun picnic and the food looks amazing! I could go for some shrimp tacos right about now...
Your outfit looks super cute and comfy too. I'm loving the pretty color of your scarf.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore sounds like fun! I've only ever been to Florida so not the "real" east coast. :) I kinda like when my husband is gone too. My son and I go on dinner dates together and we just have a lot of fun. It's nice sometimes. Your picnic photos are cute and I'm glad you got to go bare-legged! <3


Katherine said...

It's hard to be separated - but indeed, the bed to yourself can be kind of nice! This looks like such a nice little outing for you and Frida - Teemo and I used to do stuff like this when Jason was gone. I love how your outfit goes with your blanket! I wanna live in Seattle so badly, by the by, and your awesome rooftop makes me want to move now!

Eliska H said...

Your blog is so lovely and your dog is super cute. And yes, sometimes it's just nice to have a bit of alone time =)


Sadia said...

Your blog is awesome and lovely :)

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ladyhoward said...

I'm tickled pink both of the things I sewed for you have been featured recently! You make that scarf look so lovely I didn't even recognize it at first.

Unknown said...

you look amazing hun! love your hair color !

check my MAC lipstick and mascara review:D

Unknown said...

Hey darling! It's ABOUT TIME I came and visited your blog!! Love it!! Great images :) Love your style, you are truly adorable! XOXO! Courtney

Angie said...

I love your hair style .It gives you
such a 60s vibe.And your shoes add to that style.

Unknown said...

Hi! You are adorable - totally following xoxo chelsea at

Gray Cat Can Fly said...

so nice


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