Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Long Weekend: Baltimore

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I've always been interested in travel, but mostly only when it pertained to exotic locations or destinations steeped in history. Lately, though, I've been more interested in exploring the US. There are so many wonderful places that are worth, at the very least, a weekend trip. Baltimore is definitely one of those cities, and if fate hadn't stricken my friend, Laurel, with an illness that wasn't the 'travel bug', I would have had the chance to tour some of the historical sites in the area, too. 

Artifact, maple, latte, espresso
We had hoped to go to Gettysburg, possibly; Antietam for sure, but she didn't have the energy. Instead, she took me to a wonderful cafe called Artifact Coffee. I'm slowly learning that "split shots" are something they only do in Seattle. They wouldn't make me one, but they did make me a maple latte! Funnily enough, just last week I had been contemplating why I had never seen a maple latte. Well, now I've had one, made with real maple syrup, and I can honestly say they're amazing!

city, street art, urban, dog, photo
Shaggy dog street art on the way to the farmers' market (artist: Luis Rosenfeld)

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Clouds have been one of my favorite things to photograph since forever.

floral garland, wreath, crown, spring, field, in style, fashion, sunglasses
 Floral Laurel

floral garland, wreath, crown, spring, field, in style, fashion, sunglasses
Laurel and her husband, Jon, hosted a wonderful brunch, complete with deviled eggs, waffles, bacon, and a million cheeses. Afterwards we all enjoyed the sun in the field behind their house.

flathead, plaid, shirt, menswear
Trevor, post-brunch

maritime, sailing, boats, Baltimore, harbor, cloudsschooner, boat, sailing, balitmore, harbor, domino sugar, dock

Laurel spent a lot of time on this skipjack, the Sigsbee, last summer.

Baltimore, bay, building, color, spring, old architecture, bricks
Growing up in Seattle has really given me an appreciation for old architecture and brick. It's so rare on the West Coast, and Baltimore, like the rest of the East Coast, is filled with it!

Baltimore, bay, building, color, spring, old architecture, bricks, downtown
Great architecture near the waterfront

cracked, paint, pattern, texture, white

Baltimore, downtown, bar, bricks, building

airplane, sky, flight, clouds
Home I go in a cloud sandwich!

(Missing picture #1 Berger cookies , a Baltimore classic. So good we ate them before I could take any pics!)

(Missing picture #2 Me! I always forget to have people take pictures of me on trips!)


Ladies in Navy said...

love laurel's laurels! :) the pretty floral crown is lovely.
kw ladies in navy

Unknown said...

Great photos girl!! I love that floral crown!!

Katherine said...

I love Baltimore! I want to visit again soon - it looks so sunny and warm in these photos yet I feel it hasn't been that warm around here (I live about an hour outside of Baltimore - a little north of Gettysburg which I was supposed to visit this weekend!). This makes me want to go again right now. I do love the architecture here though too - it's something I take forgranted, but I am REALLY wanted to move into an old brick row house like these (and am looking at a few to do so in :D )

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