Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Look of the Day: Overflowing Florals

Seattle, street style, look of the day, vintage, 90s, blonde, in style, denim, coach
As much as I love this look and the way it turned out, I can't help but do a lot of internal whining when I look at the pictures.  Long story short, this look was put together for a magazine (it may or may not get printed), which is exciting, but there were hitches and problems that made the whole process really frustrating. My camera was like "Oh you need these photos today? I don't really feel like focusing..." I think the pattern on the dress confused the auto-focus. Also, I accidently paid $12.99 for a Dress Barn dress. A used Dress Barn dress :( That'll teach me to look more closely at the tags when I'm at Value Village. See, the whining in my head is just as unpleasant when it's on paper.

In better thrift shopping news, I keep finding great deals on overall shorts. GAP used to have the monopoly on overall shorts, but now I do. If you would like to add a pair to your summer wardrobe, I am selling some for a reasonable price on Etsy. Actually, mine really are the most reasonably priced. I saw a pair of  Levi's overalls and the asking price was, get this, $150!! I can barely even imagine selling a vintage Coach bag for that much.

Seattle, fashion blog, street style, look of the day, vintage, 90s, blonde, in style, denim, coach
Don't stare at these blurry florals for too long. You'll stress your eyes.

That is all.


Ladies in Navy said...

you look gorgeous! adore this styled shoot
kw ladies in navy
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nice dress you look pretty :)

Unknown said...

I turned out great! I hate having technical issues, it's the worst!

MILEX said...

you know how to impress.

Anonymous said...

I hate when you need to take photos and it's like they all come out crappy! I'm sorry your camera was giving you a headache. The dress is cute, even it is from Dress Barn. :) <3


Anonymous said...

This dress is lovely on you!

Xo, Hannah


The Photogramps said...

Love the floral on florals. And it's alright to whine every now in then. If it's any consolation, The pics look great to me!

Unknown said...

Beautiful mix of florals- and it's in my fave combination of blue & red. You look breathtaking in it...it goes so well with your skin tone & hair color. GORGEOUS! XO!!



Unknown said...

I know how that is when outfit pictures just don't want to turn out! I think these look cute though! The two prints you paired together look really cool.

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