Sunday, June 16, 2013

Photo-A-Day: Week 2

Week two has passed and I'm still managing to keep up with the challenge, with the exception of Day 14, which is currently trapped in the RAW universe while I figure out how to convert it on my moldy-oldy computer.

Day 8: An animal
kid, goat, boer goat, baby animals, farm animals, fleur d'elise
Little Joy is a 2 week old Boer goat

Day 9: From down low

Day 10: You!

Day 11: Something Funny
A loaf of alligator bread

Day 12: 11 o'clock
Trying to clean off the bed so I can go to sleep

Day 13: Kitchen
The tidiest spot in my kitchen

Day 14: texture
Tweed, fabric, wool, harris tweed
My father-in-law's Harris tweed suit


Keit said...

Bahahah, alligator bread is hilarious!!!!

Anonymous said...

You look so cute in that straw hat! And I love the alligator bread. That is so funny! <3


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

great photos :)


Cee said...

You had me at alligator bread :) Seriously, this looks like a really fun challenge - I've been trying to improve my photography skills for about the past month; I mean, it's great that my husband can just take all of the photos we could ever need, but it's nice to be self-reliant on occasion. So far I've been feeling like a genius, mainly because it's so easy to photograph Paris well... but I think maybe I should try something like this where there is more variety in the subject matter, so that I can figure out what kind of photographer I actually am :)

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