Saturday, July 20, 2013

Country Escape: Part 2

Another country adventure! I helped out with my niece again while my sister celebrated her college graduation in Hawaii. We didn't have quite as much sun, or adventure, as Maddie had in Hawaii, but it was still a wonderful, relaxing week.

daisies, farm life, nature, photography, flowers, lifestyle, fleur d'elisedaisies, farm life, nature, photography, flowers, lifestyle, fleur d'elise, summer
 Nothing says "summer in the country" quite like daisies.

corgi, dog, nature, photography, fleur d'elise, lifestyle, farm life

Emmett, my mom's corgi. He's a great farm dog who takes pride in his work, the way a corgi should.

corgi, dog, nature, photography, fleur d'elise, lifestyle
 Frida coming over to see what I was doing sitting in the grass.

catie beatty, fleur d'elise, lifestyle, blog, gingham

farming, farm life, gardening, country, garlic, plants, grow your own, catie beatty, lifestyle
Garlic harvest

rhubarb, baking, hand pies, pie, cooking, farm life, gardening, diy, homemade
I made rhubarb hand pies with rhubarb from my mom's garden. They're maybe the prettiest things I've ever baked.

nature, sunset, pacific northwest, washington, nature, field, country, lifestyle, photography, fleur d'elise
 Going for a walk along the logging road. We were nearly eaten alive by mosquitos!


Anonymous said...

I love the photos! Meadows, wildflowers, and gardens are my favorite things. Looks very relaxing and peaceful. Hope you've been having a great weekend! <3


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

cute photos :)

squidword said...

such gorgeous pictures dear!!

Tori said...

Very sweet photos :) Looks like you had fun
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