Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mini Vacation

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My friend and former neighbor, Claire, is visiting from England. She came all the way just to see me! Well, and America. This is her first time and I feel lucky to be her host. I get to give her the tour of Seattle, and her first taste of life in the US. It will be fun to play tourist in my own city, too.

Yesterday, we bought paper and craft stuff in Greenwood, cupcakes in Ballard, and clothes in the U District. I got these fab suede flats in the Madewell sale. Then we came and had salad and Pimm's Cup! Gotta make her feel at home ;)

Tomorrow we'll go shopping downtown, Wednesday will be heading up the Space Needle and wandering Pike Place, then Thursday will be dinner with friends. The weekend will be spent down in Shelton at mom's house, with a little trip out to the coast. It's going to be a packed week! Hopefully I will have some good photos for you next week!



Sandra McGrew said...

How lovely!! "...and America." Hilarious! Have so much fun!

Thrifted Shift said...

It's so fun to be on vacation in your own city! Have fun!

Cee said...

I'm not one for taking holidays in my own city - at least not when I'm by myself; when someone comes to visit it's a whole different thing and it's so much fun to play tour guide to someone who is excited to discover where you live. Have an amazing time with Claire!

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