Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer To-Do List

I wait all year for summer, but in my boring, adult world full of priorities and obligations, I sometimes let the 3 months of sun and bliss slip by without really enjoying it. I always say "I'm going to go to the beach way more this year!" and then the hot car and the crowds talk me out of it. This year is going to be different though, and so far it has been! I've made it to the beach 1.5 times! I've made a checklist of things I want to do and things you should do, too! Don't let the summer go to waste!

1. Go to the beach
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Saltwater, freshwater, or pool water! You don't even have to wear a bathing suit, just get yourself to a body of water and enjoy nature! Dip your toes in, people watch, read a book, and take advantage of the cooling breezes any big body of water creates.

2. Enjoy the bounty
farmer's market, queen anne, seattle, summer, vegetables, catie beatty, food, produce
Go to a farm stand or farmer's market and take advantage of all the cheap, fresh produce available. Then, eat fresh fruit till you're sick! Not sure where your nearest farmer's market is? Visit to find one!

3. Preserve some of that summer goodness
homemade, jam, apricot, cherry, lifestyle, summer, fruit, preserves, seattle, fleur d'elise
If you don't feel like making yourself sick or can't make it through all that fruit before it goes bad, make a batch of jam! You don't need tons of fruit to do it and containers of Ball Classic Pectin have the measurements for smaller batches right on the label.

4. Stay outside till it gets dark
trees, sunset, lifestyle, nature, photography, catie beatty, forest, fleur d'elise, summer
Naturally, we want to go indoors when it starts getting dark, but in the summer we can bend the rules a little. After a hot day, nothing feels as liberating as sitting outside in the cool, dark, night. Share a beer with friends, go for a walk, or just sit and watch the stars get brighter. Don't make the mistake I made though, when I went for a walk without bug repellent. My legs looked like a warzone!

5. Make ice cream
bluebird microcreamery, ice cream, dessert, frozen, seattle, greenwood
I still need to buy an ice cream maker, but I am determined to get one before the summer is over! Making ice cream is work, but it sure is worth it! It's so fun to be able to choose your own flavors. I'm thinking peach and pecan, with a swirl of my apricot jam. What flavor would you go for?


Unknown said...

These are such wonderful things to experience in the summer months! I LOVE making ice cream and haven't for a couple years. Nothing like it- let me know when you do! :) Happy weekend love! XO


Anonymous said...

It's so great to have a summer to-do list! I'm a big organizer and I live by lists, so I definitely respect your idea to make one for yourself!

Xo, Hannah

Unknown said...

Nice blog, and beautiful items!!

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Thrifted Shift said...

Peach pecan with apricot jam sounds great! I've made peach before with my ice cream maker, but you just kicked up that idea two notches! My family's favorite that I make is blueberry, and I think mine is raspberry-lemon. The kick of lemon is like a party in my mouth!

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