Thursday, October 24, 2013


 Life has been interesting lately. My property management job has been stressful, but life otherwise, has been routine in the best way possible. I've been going for walks every day, which, if you've been following the blog for a while, you know is quite an improvement. My feet have been doing fantastically, and I'm so blessed to be able to take advantage of the beautiful, foggy weather we've been having. I even found a tree full of figs, just up the road from my apartment!

 Over the past year, I've been squirreling away any champagne corks I find. My life is not full of champagne obviously as I've only been able to collect 3 corks. Not that I have any huge dinner parties planned, but these make pretty adorable place-card holders.

Resvology sent me their Age Corrective Eye Cream to try out and, as always, I was a little nervous I would see no results and have nothing to write about. My skepticism was pleasantly pushed aside after a couple weeks of use. This stuff actually works! I've noticed a huge improvement in my dark circles and puffiness. It even worked when I was laid up with a bad head cold. I didn't even look sick! Science, man. Check out their Facebook page  for sweet deals.

My crafty side has been insatiable. I've been making calendar sets to sell on Etsy and, yesterday, I got out my waxed snowflake materials. Every year, it's my favorite busy work. By now, I've probably made hundreds. I might try selling them in sets on Etsy or stringing them for garlands. I made one for my mom a few years ago, and despite its delicacy, it's held up! Here are directions on how to make your own waxed snowflakes.

What have you been up to lately?

Disclosure: Parts of this post were sponsored by Brand Backer.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Look of the Day: Fall Tie Dye

It's amazing how one little spelling error can affect your entire concept of something. For instance, tie dye. I have been spelling it "tye dye" for years. Thanks to Google, though, that spelling error has been remedied and I've created new pathways in my brain! It's named after the process! I finally get it. I am a bloody genius #NotAGenius.

Here are some tips for wearing tie dye:

1. Avoid multi-colored tie dyes and go for neutral and monochromatic palettes

2. Pair with crisp menswear pieces for a perfectly juxtaposed outfit

3. Use it when pattern mixing! The organic randomness pairs nicely with strict stripes or preppy polka dots

I'm not sure why, but these sunglasses are up for grabs on my Etsy shop. They're super cool. It's hard to part with them. They're American Optical, from the 1960's, and feature heavy-duty hardware, flexi fit temples and a classic Wayfarer shape. Go buy them before I decide to keep them!

Gap jean jacket - American Apparel button down - Coach bag - vintage American Optical sunglasses - Thrifted pants - Madewell flats

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pinterest Spotlight: Autumn Edition

Stunning detail from Cee's board It's All In The Details

Scenes from the Simple Life

Savvy Brown's DIY board is full of great ideas and crafty projects

Who says you have to sacrifice style for comfort? Harry's Homewear board is full of beautiful inspiration

Happy, Honey, & Lark's street style pinboard, Style File, never fails to inspire!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Look of the Day: Floral School Girl

I was a little wary that this floral blouse might be a bit too loud, but I took the challenge and ordered it. I'm so happy I did! It's just the thing to go under this little dress and goes perfectly with my new polka dot clutch.

This head cold is sucking my energy to write. Some blogger I am! Hopefully I will have more to say next week :/

Ok, maybe I can muster the strength to say one thing. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! As much as I love fashion and blogging, it would be pointless without other people, right? Friends are what make anything worthwhile.

Vintage school dress - Blouse c/o Romwomen - Hansel from Basel clutch - vintage silver shoes

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Long Weekend: The Bay Area Part 2

The morning of our last day, we walked to Beauty's Bagels for breakfast. I could eat bagels all day every day, so I was pretty excited to try this place out. I had a sesame bagel with homemade apple butter and cream cheese. Just perfect.

Tilly had nutella.

The thing I'm most excited about when I visit California is the variety of plants. We've got tons here, don't get me wrong, but California plants are so exotic. This trip I saw olives and persimmons, and the usual lemons, bougainvillea and jasmine. The scent of jasmine and eucalyptus bring back a million memories.

This tree that looks like a set piece from The Neverending Story is a Schinus molle, also known as the California pepper tree. And the other picture is of some flirty butterflies (why yes, that is their scientific name).

Pink peppercorns and their corresponding blossoms

We nearly forgot to visit our favorite shop in Berkeley: The Bone Room. It you're into taxidermy and natural science, then I recommend a trip down to California just to visit this store. They have everything from mounted beetles and exotic feathers, to Victorian taxidermied dogs and human bones. Everything is real, but they also have a small collection of replicas of dinosaur bones and forensic casts.

None of us are in the least bit easily grossed out, so it was off to a french bakery for lunch!

All tucked in and ready to hit the road. And we found a great way to keep her neck from getting sore!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Look of the Day: Electric Blue & Autumn Rust

choies, blue, coat, madewell, street style
 Choies sent me this beautiful coat to style and it's gonna be so perfect when the weather gets grayer and the trees lose all their leaves. It will really brighten my winter!

choies, blue, coat, vintage hat, street style
The detail that really sold me on the coat  was the abstract shapes embossed all over. 

Oasap sunglasses - Forever 21 Dress - Choies coat - Madewell shoes - handmade scarf - Vintage hat

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Long Weekend: The Bay Area Part 1

I took so many photos, and of course I want to share them all, so I decided to split this into 2 posts. You can do and see quite a bit in 3 days!

Packing was a huge success. I managed to wear everything except the extra dress I brought. I wasn't too cold or too warm, which I think is a clue to how well you do at packing. I was certainly more successful this time than when I packed for Tahoe. The trick is pack things you love and are comfortable in, and things that mix and match easily, like basics and neutrals.

Our first stop was a street fair in Oakland. We were all starving and the crowds and low blood sugar made it kind of stressful finding breakfast. 

We finally decided on crepes and french toast at Crepevine. The street fair was a lot more fun after getting some breakfast in our bellies!

local businesses, California, Oakland, shopping, kitchen utensils
I headed straight back to Atomic Garden, a lifestyle boutique we'd passed on our way up the street. They have a wonderful collection of just about everything! Beautiful handmade kitchen utensils, vintage blankets, small batch soaps, towels, to-die-for shoes and bags, washi tape! You get the picture.

local businesses, California, Oakland, shopping, store front
If you're visiting the Bay Area, make sure to visit Atomic Garden on College Avenue in Oakland.

stripes, blankets, home, atomic garden, shopping

Our next stop was 4th Street in Berkeley. It's one of my favorite outdoor shopping centers ever. So many good memories from when my mom lived nearby. And now I have this memory of Tilly. What a darling dope.

mexican food, authentic, california, tacubaya
Taco de Lengua at Tacubaya. 

chocolate, coco bella, truffles
Coco Bella Chocolates alone is worth the trip into the city. They carry the most beautiful truffles and bonbons. Their beauty is only surpassed by their deliciousness! Visit their shop on Union Street for the full experience, or, if you can't make it there, they have a smaller location in the Westfield San Francisco Centre. 

Oakland bound on the BART.

My mom's friend and former professor, Lucia, had us over for a celebration dinner. Her home had a beautiful view and it was wonderful to sit and talk with a woman I've heard so much about. 

Bay Area, Golden Gate Bridge, California, sunset, skyline
One of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen.

More to come...
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