Saturday, October 5, 2013

Look of the Day: Men's Peacoat & Pleated Dress

wedges, fall fashion, leopard print
I can't stop wearing this little dress. Thank goodness I bought two of them at an estate sale, because I might just wear them till they fall apart. It's a vintage school uniform, so, despite its short length, it's warm enough for Fall. When it gets colder, I'll add some tights and maybe layer it over a sweater. I might even go crazy and put it over a turtleneck. How would you wear it?

I found the coat the same day I found the dress. It's one of those treasures from a thrift store that makes you go "What was the pricer thinking?" It's a USA-made Pendleton peacoat that cost me all of $10! It fits my husband best, but I like the way it looks like a cape when I wear it over my shoulders.

The placing of the pocket is the only thing that kinda hints at the fact that this dress was made for someone younger than me, haha

I'm crazy about the new Color Show Polka Dot nail polish from Maybelline. It looks like I have splatter paint nails! This one is perfect, because it's black and white dots in clear polish, so you can wear it over any color.

Pendleton peacoat - vintage dress - vintage shirt - sunglasses c/o Oasap - Steve Madden shoes - Target clutch


Ladies in Navy said...

this is so gorgeous! love it - totally unique and obviously i adore navy
kw ladies in navy

Thrifted Shift said...

Whoa! A $10 Pendleton coat! That's awesome!

Keit said...

I got a little girl's dress from our thrift store, it looked magnificent. Kid's clothes are always so pretty :D

I love this freakin dress to death! YOu look fabulous, especially with your hair like that *_*

Unknown said...

WOW chica! You look INCREDIBLE in this navy blue- and that hair! SO GORGEOUS! :)



Anonymous said...

Omg, why have I only seen you wear your hair like this now???? The hairstylist in me is LOVING it!!!! Seriously, you look so good. :)

I love that cute pinafore-type dress. So preppy school girl and the pea coat makes it look more grown up and modern. I absolutely love this look. Definitely one of my favorites!! <3


Lubka Henry said...

I like the little pumps with animal print on them! :)


Dox said...

You look stunning! I love your hair, and your outfit is just amazing!

Anonymous said...

Nice finds! The dress is adorable and the coat (what a steal) looks great as a cape. I also love how the flats actually have a little wedge. Perfect outfit. It's going to look great with tights and a turtleneck in winter.

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