Friday, December 27, 2013

Look of the Day: Plaid Peplum

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The plaid peplum I ordered off Chictopia came just in time for Christmas! It's made from soft, thick flannel which was one of the main reasons I bought it. So warm and cozy, while still being playful enough for a celebration! I was a little disappointed when one of the seams split on the shoulder, but that's always a risk with mid-range clothes. Seam allowances are minimal! Since I'm such an impatient sewer, I just used a hot glue gun and it looks good as new.

Christmas is done and the bustle is not quite so hustled. I'm always a little melancholy about it, but mostly because I love the preparation and anticipation! I made quite a few gifts this year and about 20 cards. I even hand painted a lot of my wrapping paper. It means one of two things: I either have too much time on my hands or I am an excellent manager of my time. Neither seems like it could be true.

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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was spent with everyone I love, save for a few friends who felt it was necessary to spend their time with their real family ;)


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

just love the top!! :)

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Ladies in Navy said...

so perfect! adore this top on you
ladies in navy

Unknown said...

Oh man this plaid top is awesome! What an adorable take on a flannel top. I'm glad you were able to fix the seam that broke.

Lubka Henry said...

Nice casual chic look for the holidays :)


Keit said...

Perfect top, it looks amazing! And I fall in love with your hair more and more *_*

Btw, that wrapping paper is so pro, awesome!

Nana said...

The plaid peplum is pretty!
Happy holidays :)

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