Friday, January 3, 2014

Look of the Day: Oasap Coat & Vintage Heels

plaid, oasap, hat, red lips, heels
 I've been thinking about this plaid coat from Oasap for 2 months and finally decided it was meant to be mine. There's nothing better than a coat with texture and pattern neutral enough to wear every day. It's bold, but not outlandish and the moto-style asymmetrical zipper makes it oh so cool. My favorite way to wear it is with this neon pink turtleneck from J.Crew, but I can only wear the same outfit so many times before people start noticing. Neon pink is hard to miss.

suede, beige, heels, strappy, street style
 If you're a regular reader, then you can probably guess that I only wore these shoes for the photoshoot. I love them, and if I had normal feet I would be keeping them. Instead, they're up for grabs on my Etsy shop! These beige suede heels are minimalist perfection.

Top Shop stocking cap - Oasap plaid coat - BDG pants - vintage suede heels - vintage sweatshirt


Unknown said...

Such a nice and comfy outfit!! Love your heels <3

Keit said...

I would totally buy these shoes if it wasn't for my resentment towards high heels :D They look superb. Love the coat and very glad you decided to get it, because it looks perfect on you. Adore the orange lip color too!

Unknown said...

Yeah that coat is awesome! I can definitely see why you wear it with your hot pink shirt so much. Pink and black and white is a great combination. I really like it with your simple gray sweatshirt too though. I also love the army green color of your knit hat.

Ladies in Navy said...

these heels are so fun!
ladies in navy

Cee said...

What a shame that your feet can't handle those shoes, they are so lovely - but I completely understand the misery of foot problems and sympathise. Would you believe it's actually better for my feet to wear heels that flats? True story. The lesson here is never do ballet in childhood if you want to be able to walk quickly and pain free as an adult. But I digress... your coat is wonderful. You could have worn it with any shoes, or anything, really. It would have stood out against a paper bag.

FashionPreview said...

these shoes are great but you should better wear them with a dress, the coat produces the feeling your feet are freezing

Unknown said...

I love this b&w coat!!!

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