Friday, January 24, 2014

Look of the Day: Off-Shoulder Floral

 I wish it was warm enough to wear this. I'm so tired of winter already, and it's not even February! I shouldn't complain as we've had a very mild Winter so far, but it's still chilly and I hate the amount of effort that goes into layering. I prefer simple dressing.

I'm very much looking forward to wearing more off-the-shoulder pieces, like this floral dress. It shows off my favorite features while hiding the parts of my arms that drive me nuts.

Thank you, to my camera, for cooperating and taking some lovely photos.

Vintage floral dress - vintage wooden sandals


Unknown said...

Aw this is such a pretty vintage dress! I love the summery print and the off-the-shoulder detailing. It'll be so perfect when the weather warms up too. I'm still happy embracing layering though! It stays hot here for so long during the year, I get sick of warm-weather outfits. I do like the simplicity of summer dressing for a month or so though! haha

Keit said...

I love off shoulder pieces and this dress is perfect. The shape and colors are so beautiful. You look like a princess. *_*

Ladies in Navy said...

this dress girl! so cute
ladies in navy

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