Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Party: Mathilde's 4th Birthday

 Four seems to be the age when birthdays really start clicking for kids. They understand what's going on a little better and they get excited and less overwhelmed. This year, Mathilde asked for a French birthday, but we think she meant she wanted everyone to speak in French. Or something. She didn't seem too disappointed when no one spoke in French, save a few words. I helped with the decorations and baking. My mom & sisters did a ton of cooking.

The party turned out more balloon themed. She had about a dozen regular balloons and then we accidentally over-bought Mylar balloons (it's hard to resist when you're at the $ store). She ended up with 10 of those.

DIY Idea: Making pretty banners for cakes and table decorations is relatively easy. Use a pencil and just keep sketching until you get the shape you want. Also use the pencil when writing so you can go back and correct any letters you don't like. Then trace over the letters with a nice pen.

I found this awesome matte, neon wrapping paper in the Target After-Christmas sale. I kinda wish I'd bought two rolls.

DIY Idea: Save the little cello envelopes that cards and stickers come in and reuse them to add another dimension to gifts. They turn the card into the centerpiece of the gift, or use a tiny one for the tag. The addition of glitter makes them even more festive.

Emmett, terrified, and Tilly in two of her birthday presents.

My sister Maddie made Tilly a chocolate & vanilla cake with strawberry frosting. She made a strawberry sauce and then mixed it with cream cheese and powdered sugar. It was completely delicious. 

Aside from a few nonsensical outbursts of "I hate my birthday!" when she was frustrated with her zipper,Tilly was the sweetest birthday girl. She thanked each person that gave her a gift or a card and at the end of the night said "Thank you everyone!" 

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