Thursday, February 6, 2014

DIY: Make Your Mail Glitter!

Here's a simple way to make your Valentine's mail even more special.

What You'll Need:

1 address label
A cute card
A cute friend

Step 1:
Fill out your card. The mushier the better.

Step 2:
Just kidding. That's gross.

Step 3:
Seal it up in its paper envelope, then slip it into the cellophane envelope. You can get a package of them here.

Step 4:
Throw in a pinch of glitter and a pinch of confetti. Seal up the cellophane. Make sure you don't fold the cello envelope smaller than it really is (tip from USPS). Use the washi tape to seal any gaps where the glitter escapes.

Step 5:
Address the envelope. Add postage, duh.

Step 6:
Fill someone's mailbox with love!

P.S. I made that Grumpy Cat stamp! I've made so many cards with it. They watch over me while I sleep.


Cee said...

Your grumpy cat is way cuter than the actual grumpy cat - well done!

Keit said...

Bahahah, I love the fact that you used a grumpy cat card :D

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