Monday, February 3, 2014

Look of the Day: Jersey Mini Dress

Uff da! Work has been rough. I ended my week of emotional eating with relative self-control on Super Bowl Sunday. I mean, I didn't feel completely sick. I made the most delicious green & blue cupcakes and managed to eat only 3 yesterday!

I'm not the biggest sports fan. Really, I'm your classic Seattle 'fair weather fan,' but any time my city is happy, I'm happy. Also, that was a really good game, so it wasn't torture to sit through. The best part was watching it with a bunch of awesomely funny people. How did you spend the "holiday"?

Once again, you can buy pretty much everything in this outfit! The bag and shoes aren't listed yet, but the floral jersey dress is and the belt is on sale!


Ladies in Navy said...

this is beautiful!
ladies in navy

Lubka Henry said...

Very pretty and super feminine dress :))


MILEX said...


Sienna Ana Belic said...

lovely blog!
xoxo Sienna

Unknown said...

Oh man that floral dress is adorable and looks so comfy too. I bet it'd be perfect in the summertime.

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