Friday, April 4, 2014

Look of the Day: Stripes & Brocade

I'm so spoiled. This week, I got to pick out a bunch of amazing pieces from the racks at Beats & Bohos in Greenwood. I don't get to keep them, but getting to play around with styling them is such a treat! The brocade jacket is one of many treasures from the Foxy Deluxe rack at the shop and the chambray crop top is a new item. It's reversible! I will style it in another post so you can see it.

More looks coming soon!


Cee said...

This would sound silly to anyone else but somehow I think you'll get it - I often prefer borrowing clothes to being gifted them; it's like getting to play dress-up in the closet of a sister or a friend. Part of the novelty is in the fact that the clothes are only yours for a short time. Although that jacket... what a stunner!

Lindsay Living said...

You look so darn cute! Love this look, especially the shorts. I think I have that same bag, if not, super similar. xo

Keit said...

So happy, you're finally back ^_^ And with a kick ass outfit of course!

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