Sunday, April 6, 2014

LWD: One Dress Two Ways

I've been wanting a little white dress for a while, especially one in a classic shirt-dress style. Well, I thought this one from Oasap was adorable. Turns out it would also look adorable on a baby. It is that short. Like, you-can-see-what-I-had-for-breakfast-short. American Apparel bike shorts to the rescue! I've tucked them up for the photos, but at least I have the reassurance that no one will see my underwear when I move my arms or breath.

I found a much more practical way to wear the dress. Under overalls!

 Just tucked it in and no one was the wiser!

 I'm obsessed with both of the bags I featured in this post. Both were found second hand and both have inspired me to look for more bags like them. The straw one has such a lovely pattern and is right in line with the sort of natural, simple look I've been into lately. It pairs perfectly with overalls.

The leather clutch is by Michael Green and is from the time in the 1990s when Coach leather bags were at their most popular. I've seen this brand around for a while and always just thought it was another one of the companies that made Coach-like leather goods, to put it nicely. Well, this clutch said 'Seattle' on the inside, so I looked it up. In 1993, The Seattle Times wrote an article about Michael Green and his wears. The factory was located right on Queen Anne and he sold 35 different styles of bags in Nordstrom and boutiques. I think I will be buying more Michael Green from now on.

Oh! And the glasses! I sold a similar pair on Etsy and completely regretted it. I found this pair at an estate sale recently and decided they were well worth the price, which was a little higher than I prefer to spend at estate sales. Made by American Optical in the 1960s, I think this pair in particular was used for hiking and mountain climbing. The original owner had an extensive collection of backpacking gear, field guides and other various hiking necessities. It's neat to have stuff with a history.

 One last thing. I look so much like my 9 year-old cousin, Josiah, it's unnerving. Just imagine less make-up and more light-saber action.

GAP overalls (similar) - Oasap Fairy Heart Short Dress - vintage American Optical sunglasses - thrifted straw bag - GAP denim jacket


Cee said...

Okay seriously - I already can't get my need for a pair of overalls out of my mind and then I see you, in this post, wearing them so perfectly with that adorable white dress/blouse tucked in and now I need them even more! Masterful :)

ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

just love both ways, dear :)

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Unknown said...

I love how you made this super short dress work as a top under overalls. Great idea! I can't believe how short that dress ended up being! Sucks, but it still looks cute as long as there's proper butt-covering precautions taken! It has such a cute print and the shirt dress style is always great.

Ladies in Navy said...

this looks AMAZING underneath overalls!
ladies in navy

Gita said...

Love both looks. Denim and white is a can't miss combo.

Gita @

Anonymous said...

A dress under overalls is a great idea! I'm always thinking making the most out of pieces for travel, and this would be perfect. It's a completely different look without packing too much.

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