Friday, June 27, 2014

Things: Current Favorites

Who know's what my favorite things will be next week, but here are my current obsessions:

I've just discovered JCPenney's shoe department. I'm impressed by both the selection and the ridiculously-low sale prices. These sandals are $13.99 right now! They're crazy comfortable, too.

Probably my biggest skin care splurge to date, but I've decided my beauty mantra is "Face and feet". I want to take good care of both, so while I have the money, I'm gonna do just that! Argan oil is kind of a miracle serum. It's soothed my itchy, irritated skin (too much make-up? Laundry detergent? Who knows). I use a drop on dry hair to enhance shine and tame flyaways, and it's also healed my split cuticles. Nuff said.

This lipstick is almost neon in real life. It looks much more sensible in the picture. I love it either way.

From The Confectionery in University Village. Just slightly fruity, soft, but not super gummy like a gum drop. They're quite pleasant. I had them at my wedding reception and they're one of the few things I paid full price for.

I bought this necklace off Chictopia a couple months ago. I wasn't sure how to style it at first, mostly because I find jewelry to be overwhelming. Now I've decided to just wear it with everything. Why not, right? It's a total conversation starter.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Looong Weekend: New York City

NYC, new york, sky scrapers, city scapeupper east side, nyc, new york, city scape
Last week, I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Manhattan.
Let's be honest, if I had a job set up -one that would provide enough for New York rents- I would move to that city in a heartbeat. Trevor would just have to deal.

city, nyc, bridge
 Driving into the city.

new york, city, apartment, paint, old

nyc, hearst tower, city life
In the shadow of Hearst Tower

new york, columbus circle, central park
 Ice cream at Columbus Circle.

My super cool room at Hudson Hotel. Really neat hotel, but if you ever stay there, make sure you ask to not be right over the courtyard, where sometimes drunk people are really loud at night.

new york city, taxi, yellow cab, city life
5th Avenue looking towards Bergdorf Goodman and Central Park

central park, horse, city, bird, pigeon
 Friends meeting for lunch

grand army plaza, new york, central park, statue, city
 Bling statue at Grand Army Plaza

central park, carriage, horse, stripes, street style, child, sundress, new york

new york, central park, hotel, luxury, city, photography
Kevin McCallister stayed here!!

carnegie hill, new york city, nyc, photography, windows, apartments
An apartment building in Carnegie Hill. I was on my way to the airport for the first time. I ended up volunteering my seat, so I didn't actually fly out till the next morning. Delta gave me a very generous travel voucher, though, so I'm hoping to head back for fashion week!

Mt. Rainier, airplane, photography, mountains, cascades, from the air
They sure don't have this in New York.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Long Weekend: Travel Necessities

Travel must-haves

Travel must-haves by fleur-d-elise featuring special occasion shoes

It's killing me that I can't talk about the reasons for my trip! It's not for a couple weeks, but it's a huge deal, so I'm preparing far in advance. I'm only going to be gone for 3 days, but the days are going to be long and packed with activity, so prep is important! Here are a few of the necessities I'll be packing.

1. A Trapeze Dress
The one I own is actually black and from H&M, but it's still the same idea. It's relaxed, comfortable and perfect for warm weather. Mine can be dressed up with pointed flats and French-y stripes or dressed down with a sunhat and sandals.

2. A cute set of travel containers
I'm perfectly happy with all the products I use at home, so why spend more on travel size versions? I'll just be packing them in these adorbs striped containers from Target.

3. Efficient Snack
I'm obsessed with these Luna Protein bars. They're soft and covered in delicious chocolate. Satisfying and high in hunger-curbing protein.

4. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Stuff
Another product I'm in love with. I splurged with the help of a 20% off coupon. It works great, smells great and is small enough to take with me on the plan. The matching serum is also very nice, but I am not made of money.

5. Good reads
I really wish Tina Fey would write like 25 more books, and I really enjoyed Kelly Oxford's book, Everything is Perfect When You're a Liar. Now I'm gonna try Leandra Medine's book (cuz she's a genius) and hopefully Mindy Kaling's book, if the library gets it to me on time. Obviously, I really like it when funny women write books. What's your favorite genre?

6. Comfy shoes, duh.
Have I told you about my new Birks yet? Oh, I have? Well, let me tell you again. They're soooo comfortable and they'll be so easy to remove when I'm dealing with hell of earth- I mean airport security.

Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Look of the Day: Catie Colored

pale peach, vintage coach, Oasap, street style

This dress is like camo for me, especially against this apartment building. If only the shadows were more dappled, I would blend right in and my prey would never see me. Maybe I can find a dress without spots and then I would disappear! Even my hair is the same color, haha. My sister-in-law always calls it "Catie colored".

Having much more luck styling the Birks. They look so cute with short baby-doll dresses! It's a great outfit for summer, too.

Leopard Print Dress - Birkenstocks - Vintage Coach Bucket Bag (similar) - American Deadstock O'Malley Glasses

Monday, June 2, 2014

Look of the Day: Bare Shoulders

I see a pattern emerging. I bought this blouse back in January sometime. It was too cold to wear it, but I've been thinking about it ever since. I've also been looking for more like it, and really anything in an off-shoulder style. I plan on wearing it for the rest of the summer. You will probably get sick of it.

The other day I was "Facetiming" with my mom and had two bits of news to announce. First, I bought Birkenstocks! Her response was "You bought WHAT?" I'm pretty sure I bemoaned my parents' choice of footwear my entire childhood, so I understand. I did own a pair of the close-toe Birkentstock after high school, but now I've switched over to the classic Arizona style. I wandered into Nordrstom to check out their annual sale and found these amazingly comfortable soft footbed Birks instead! They're a little trickier to style than I expected, but I've been gathering ideas from blogs like The Chic Curve and pins like this one! Even thought I'm still working out what to wear them with, I'm so glad I'll have them for my trip to New York.

That's my other bit of news! I can't give many details, but trust me, you'll be hearing about it! 

Vintage blouse - Vintage denim skirt - Tiffany bracelet - Soft Footbed Birkenstocks
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