Thursday, August 7, 2014

Look of the Day: Floral Blouse & Striped Shorts

I'm kinda freaking out guys. I have less than two weeks left of my twenties! That means less than two weeks of still being able to pretend I'm just a dumb kid! Thirty is when you really become an adult, right?

This past year has been exciting, but also kind of hard. My dog's death was a harder blow than I wanted it to be, and I've been struggling to get myself back to normal. I've been pretty sedentary, to say the least. It's catching up to me, in pounds, and I usually wouldn't mind, but I know it's because I've been kind of melancholy. What you've got here is a bonafide emotional eater! 

I don't want to end my twenties in a bad mood. Just in time, two of my favorite bloggers wrote about self love, body appreciation, and positive mindset. Dana of Do the Hotpants, addresses body image with wit & honesty (she addresses pretty much everything this way). And I feel like Natasha of The Chic Curve pretty much wrote this post on positive mindset with me in mind. Okay, fine, maybe she was talking about herself. Anyway, both posts really perked me up, and I think this milestone will be the last little kick-start I need. 

Look out for birthday pictures to come. I have lots of ideas for a party, but I'm kind of running out of time to plan. As always. I have a pinboard going, so that's a start. The theme is rocks & dinosaurs. Ha ha hahaha, get it?

Otto is getting so big!

Romwomen blouse - vintage shorts - J.Crew belt - Coach bag - Xhilaration flats - vintage sunglasses - Tiffany bracelet

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