Thursday, August 21, 2014

Second Annual 29th Birthday

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I've been "planning" for it all year, and now it's come and gone. My 30th birthday, that is. Bye, bye twenties! It's been swell!

apricot, blackberry, cake, cupcake, gold, dinosaur, glitter, neon pink
 The whole theme was rocks and dinosaurs.You know, old stuff. I was first inspired by these cupcakes and eventually ended up sending out these geode invitations.

 I didn't feel like tracking down rock candy for my cupcakes (plus, it doesn't seem like it'd be too pleasant to eat a whole cupcake coated in the stuff). Instead, I spray painted little plastic dinosaurs! I found everything at Fred Meyers! Even the little star sprinkles are from the baking section. What flavors you ask? The yellow cupcakes are apricot and the mauve ones are fig-blackberry. Not my most impressive, but still pretty delicious.

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I had high hopes of finding a table, but who knew people like to go to the beach on Sundays in the summertime?

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The hexagonal plates are from Paper Source. I've been waiting like 3 months for a reason to buy them.

 My mom and sister came up, and of course, my niece, Tilly. She helped me get dressed! I would try things on and she would tell me either "Umm, no, not special enough" or "Yes, that's special!" The dress she's wearing is actually one of mine. So is the bracelet.

pink, vintage, summer, leopard print

Such a perfect place to celebrate being alive.


Keit said...

Haha, the cupcakes are a brilliant idea :D You old dinosaur you! :D Haha, just kidding, you look like you're 19!

Ladies in Navy said...

this is amazing! love these cupcakes
ladies in navy

Unknown said...

Yay! What a great way to spend the day! I'm glad our weather held up for you :)

Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty cupcakes, now I feel like having some. Happy Birthday to you, hope your 30's are wonderful.

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