Monday, November 10, 2014

The Tiniest Party Animals

rhino, glitter, coral, pastels, tassels

I've been busy, busy, busy! I feel like the blog has taken a back seat, but Etsy is going so well I can barely keep up! Last month, I made all of these little ornaments and have finally gotten around to listing them all on Etsy.

They're painted by hand, then they're decked out with tissue paper tassels I cut and roll by hand. Baker's twine makes them perfect for hanging in the tree to topping a gift.

This little giraffe was the first ornament I sold on Etsy. It went to someone very fancy (I can't say who).

The silver bear is one of my favorites, and the dino to the right comes as part of a 4 piece set!

You can also order an animal menagerie! If you're dying for a giraffe or elephant, just message me and I'll make it happen!

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Keit said...

Gosh, how are you so awesome, how the hell do you do such pretty things with your bare hands! I can't even tie my shoelaces! I love the dinosaur O_O

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