Friday, January 16, 2015

Look of the Day: Moss & Cashmere

I want to apologize in advance for how badly these photos might look on your own computer. The lighting in my neighborhood is atrocious this time of year, and my computer's colors seem to be off. I finally (finally) got a new computer to replace my sad, old laptop, but I think it needs to have it's colors calibrated or whatever. Stuff that looks fine to me, looks really weird on any other screen. Feedback would be appreciated! Do they look hecka yellow?

 Enough tech talk. I'd been lusting after these moss green pants at Anthroplogie for a few months, and happened to find my size in the after-Christmas sales. Thank goodness Anthropologie always carries a million of each thing.

I'm so glad green is back "in style". It's always been one of my favorite colors, and now stores are finally carrying it again! Green accessories have been on Spring wishlists in years past, but it's been nearly impossible to actually find the color. Filling up my closet and my jewelry box as we speak! The malachite pendant is vintage, but you can still get the faux malachite cuff from Madewell


Keit said...

They don't look yellow on my monitor! :D And yes, I totally get your frustration, but I think it's impossible for photos to look the same on all different monitors. You can calibrate it and put settings that are the perfect middle but it would still look different on another computer.
I love these green pants, the dots are to die for! ^_^

Unknown said...

The pictures don't look overly yellow. It just looks like there's a little vintage-y filter applied to them! Getting the colors right on all monitors isn't ever 100% possible, so it's ok! Maybe try getting one of those white balance expodisks so you'll know everything is balanced correctly without editing?

But anyway, I really really love these moss green pants. The plaid coat looks wonderful with them too! So cute.

Jamie |

Allie said...

I actually think the colors look super cool from my end! I love this look (and your Madewell glasses!)


Lindsay Living said...

#1, these photos are simply perfect.
#2, I'm loving the green on you! It's definitely your color, especially with your current platinum 'do
#3, would you mind if I posted one of these photos in one of my link round-ups this week?

Thanks!! Hope you are well :) Maybe we can get together for lunch sometime! It's been forever!

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