Monday, April 6, 2015

Long Weekend: Trevor, Etc.

What a wonderful weekend! Although it wasn't as warm as I would have liked, it was still beautiful AND Trevor came home! We went out for crepes on Friday morning, bummed around Ballard all day, then had fancy pizza at Cornuto in Greenwood. I worked Saturday, but afterwards, Trevor was determined to eat oysters, so we had dinner at Ballard Annex. It was my first time there, and certainly not my last. The inside is super cool, the seafood was amazing, and the great service was just the cherry on top. And then today was Easter, so I feel like all we did was eat this weekend. 

 Instagrammy-whammy! The soaps shaped like crystals are from Prism on Ballard Avenue.

 Hangin' out with Tilly's friends, Chip, Hammy and Creampuff.

Oh, that face.

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