Saturday, May 23, 2015

Long Weekend: San Francisco

Last week, Trevor and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. To celebrate, I spent the weekend in San Francisco with him. Cool, cloudy weather put a damper on our little vacation (especially since we both forgot jackets), but it was otherwise a fun weekend!

The one thing I wanted to find was a new perfume, so on Sunday, we ventured to North Beach. We stumbled upon this amazing bakery called Stella Pastry. The cherry danish at the top of the page is one of theirs. They have tons of traditional Italian pastries to choose from and sell mini sandwich cookies by the pound.

 So chill.

I finally found my perfume at Nest in the Fillmore District. My choice? Evening Edged in Gold, by Ineke. It's a heady mix of Gold Osmanthus, Saffron, Leather & Woods. It's warm, and like all good perfumes, tells a story. I'd had a sample of their perfume a while back and was terribly sad to find that no shops in Washington sold it anymore. I've been waiting to visit San Francisco, their home city, to buy a full sized bottle.

Nest was listed as one of the stores that carried their line, so we made our way over from North Beach after our pastry lunch. What a beautiful little shop! Handmade quilts, luxe sleepwear & clothing, and perfectly curated antique trinkets, Nest is what Anthroplogie dreams of being.

The sun finally came out as we made our way back to the hotel.

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Keit said...

You guys are adorable! When I was a teen, mom always said to me "ALWAYS bring a jacket!!!" :D Never mind if it's Summer or Winter, bring a damn jacket. I didn't listen to her several times and the result was I froze and caught a cold almost every time, so now wherever I go, I bring a freaking parka with me just to be safe :D

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