Friday, June 26, 2015

Look of the Day: Blue Hawaii

I wish I was in Hawaii, but no. As you read this, I'm probably dead in the middle of the desert. My husband and I got talked into going to Palm Springs. It's supposed to be 109º when I fly in on Friday and will cool off 4º on Saturday. At least, by the time I fly home to Seattle, our predicted ninety-degree weather will seem downright pleasant.

I'm actually pretty excited, though. I will take lots of photos of all the cool desert stuff and the mid-century architecture!

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Vintage Hawaiian dress - thrifted tassel earrings - thrifted Report flats


Keit said...

Hahaha, at least you're travelling, while I'm stuck here for the rest of the year :D
I love the dress too, I generally dislike Hawaiian prints, but this dress is a jewel, love how you styled it with the flats ^_^

Anonymous said...

Love the prints. So eye catching

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