Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lately: Autumn 2015

Autumn in Seattle is usually as perfect as our Springs, but this year has been odd (not unlike the rest of the year). It's been unseasonably warm (in the 60s to 70s) and the leaves are too tired to do much. I can see the color changing a bit but most trees seem to have lost their leaves overnight. Like the rest of Seattle, they've had more than enough sun for one year. Today is cooler and the rainy skies are a welcomed sight. My plan for the day: coffee and a late breakfast, a bit of cleaning, and then, later, I'll meet my sister-in-law at the bins for some thrift shopping. We're going to bingo this weekend and shoulder pads and sequins are required.

If you have instagram, you're probably already tired of pumpkin pictures.

My love affair with malachite continues with my newest handcarved stamp. I was happy when my dad identified it as malachite, but he said it was mostly because he knew me. I think I might try incorporating it into my Christmas cards.

Singles are available on Etsy right now, and come with a shibori-lined envelope in Paper Source's limited edition color, Spruce.

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