Sunday, October 11, 2015

Look of the Day: Debbie Downer & a Feather Vest

 Ugh. I'm grumpy. I'm mad at my hair. I'm mad at myself for eating crappy food. And I'm mad that this vest isn't as flattering in photos. It's so flufffffyyy.

It's kinda been one of those weeks where you pick out things about your body to rag on and then, when you say them out loud, you realize how ridiculous it is. For instance, my knees have muffin tops. How dumb does that sound? That's not even a thing. Thanks a lot, sub-conscious insecurities. 

Thank goodness for amazing bloggers like Dana Suchow of Do The Hot Pants. She's a huge inspiration and voice of reason, especially when it comes to body image and body love. She calls out societal bullshit but isn't afraid to discuss her own instances of low self-confidence and negative body image. It's just so comforting and reassuring to know that someone this gorgeous struggles with the same things that I do. Not that I want her to be miserable or that I think that it makes the negative thoughts okay, but it's nice to feel like you have a comrade. The solution? Love thy self and do things that make you happy and fulfilled!

Everything is thrifted from Value Village!

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Unknown said...

I think you and the vest look great girl! :)

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