Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fleur d'Elise at Home: Desk Refresh

My goal this year is to start carving out little areas of peace and quiet in my home. To, this means a lot of cleaning and organizing. Our apartment is small and I'm "the creative type" with a part-time Etsy business, which, you can imagine, has led to a very crowded and messy living space. I purchased The Magic of Tidying Up last year, and it still resides in a pile of books on my bedside table. I feel like some progress has been made and I just had an "a ha!" moment in regards to our clothing situation (Trevor and I both LOVE clothes). That'll take some time and money, but for now, I'm very happy with my brighter, tidier desk.

Before: Messy and blah. After: Brighter and cleaner.

I've had this piece of metal grating for a few years and was getting pretty tired of the dark brown. A couple coats of gold spray paint and it looks new and modern! I did the same for the black wire racks I keep my folders in.

The marble texture is just contact paper I found at a thrift store! I used it to customize my laptop and the magnet board is just a cookie sheet covered with contact paper and edged with copper tape. Pretty crafty, huh?

For info on where to get similar stuff to freshen up your desk, just click on the image below!

office refresh

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Dylan Leah said...

Hey! Ok, this may seem super off topic but what kind of tablet-thing are you using? I've literally been trying to remember what tablet I used at my last job (it was the same one) and can't remember! Thanks! -Dylan from www.whatcheerblog.com

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