14 Easy Tips to Instantly Look More Fashionable


A good fashion sense like custom hoodies canada will boost your beauty and self-confidence. With old fashion trends, you will feel insecure around fashionable people. However, being fashionable is not all about wearing expensive outfits from head to toe. It all depends on how well you match your outfits.

Being fashionable while still maintaining a contemporary look may seem difficult for some people. The following are easy ways of how you can instantly look more fashionable without too much effort:

Coordinate Colors

Add a spectrum of colors to complement your look. Ensure that your colors blend. You can also try to match the color of your makeup with your outfit to spice up the look.

Wear Custom T-shirts and Hoodies

You can choose to wear custom T-shirts & hoodies to achieve a unique, fashionable look. Engraving shapes, words, or letters on your outfits is also a creative way to achieve a customized dress code.

Try Out Numerous Colors on your Outfits

Combining a variety of different colors can provide you with an incredible look no matter the season. Just ensure that the colors you select blend with the season.

Match Outfits

Any outfit will look good on the right body and in the right season. You can match different outfits to achieve a fashionable look. The outfits you pair should blend well to avoid compromising your look.

Pair a Graphic T-Shirt with a Blazer

Do you have a blazer that you never wear? The reason could be that you never find what to pair it with. Well, here is an idea. Find a graphic tee to pair it with to achieve a stylish look. Custom T-shirts & hoodies can also do the trick.

Wear Clothes of the Same Color

Wearing one color is the fastest and easiest way of achieving that fashionable everyday look. Clothes of the same color will not clash and will look fashionable.

Let Your Jacket Fall off Your Shoulder

Wearing your jacket on your shoulders is a classy move. It is ideal during hot days. You will not only avoid overheating but also achieve an elegant look.

Wear Multiple Layers

Try wearing numerous clothes on top of others to achieve a fashionable winter look. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will also make you look good.

Mind Your Footwear

Ensure that the shoes you pick go well with your outfit. It should also conform to the season and occasion.

Tuck Your Top Stylishly

How you tuck in your top will also affect your fashion sense. Choosing to tuck just the front or the sides of your top will give you a cool summer look.

Wear a Hat

While some people will never step out without a hat, others will not wear it to save their lives. Not everyone is into hats. However, a hat can make a different statement to your overall outfit. It will shield you from dust and sun and spice up your look.

Pair Differently Sized Garments

Looking to be stylish and different? Try wearing different garments of different sizes. You can wear an oversized jacket over a bandeau bra during hot days. Pairing tight clothing with loose clothing can fit perfectly as proportional wear.

Spice Up Your Look with Sunglasses

Choose to wear sunglasses to complement your appearance. You can also wear sunglasses that match your outfit’s colors. In addition to protecting your eyes from harsh sun rays, it will upgrade your look.

Wear Your Cross-Body Bag on the Front

A cross-body bag will help you achieve a cool look no matter the kind of outfit you choose. You can allow your bag to hang slightly above your waist to achieve that ultimate stylish look.


Achieving an all-season stylish look requires you to know how to wear your various outfits in various ways. You do not need to buy different outfits for different occasions and seasons. These tips will help you elevate your fashion sense without necessarily breaking the bank.

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