Welcome to my blog, Fleur d'Elise, a fashion and lifestyle blog.
I'm Catie Elise. I like to stay busy, busy, busy and this blog is proof! Fashion and the graphic arts are my main passions. I even have an Etsy where I sell a sampling of my thrifting treasures and things I create.

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This is my dog Frida. She's dead -_-
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So I got a new dog. His name is Otto.

 And this is me and my husband right after we got hitched.
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The cupcakes were pretty amazing. Mine was PB&J. It had jam in the middle!

We live in the beautiful city of Seattle.

Well, that's all the most important things in my life (including the cupcakes). I hope that my little blog will inspire you the way so many other blogs have inspired me :)

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