Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Look of the Day: Prim Purple

I'm not sure I own any purple. Seriously! Not a single piece. I am seriously considering this dress, though. It's another fab piece from Beats & Bohos in Greenwood. The A-line skirt hits my hips just right and the scallop detailing is so cute!

 If you're not in the Seattle area, you can shop their collection on Etsy!

Vintage purple dress - thrifted floral kimono - Target flats

Monday, April 14, 2014

True Blue: One dress, two ways

summer, spring, mini dress, crochet, beach style, sun hat
I borrowed this lovely little muslin dress from Beats & Bohos. The minute I put it on, I could see all the possibilities. The soft fabric and chunky crochet detailing make it perfect as a beach cover-up. 

The flattering boatneck also makes it a great piece to dress up for a date night.
 Dressing something up is really quite easy, just follow this formula:
Clutch + Heels + More Jewelry
If you don't usually wear jewelry, like me, than one piece will do it. If you regularly wear bling, than add one or two extra pieces. Stack your bracelets, wear longer earrings, or don a bigger necklace.

high heels, leopard print, vintage
Aren't these heels cute? They're great everyday heels, but are unfortunately just barely too big on me. My heels slips out if I walk too fast. They will be up in my Etsy store soon!

Vintage muslin dress - GAP sun hat - vintage sunglasses - thrifted straw bag & cuff - Michael Green leather clutch - animal print heels

Sunday, April 6, 2014

LWD: One Dress Two Ways

I've been wanting a little white dress for a while, especially one in a classic shirt-dress style. Well, I thought this one from Oasap was adorable. Turns out it would also look adorable on a baby. It is that short. Like, you-can-see-what-I-had-for-breakfast-short. American Apparel bike shorts to the rescue! I've tucked them up for the photos, but at least I have the reassurance that no one will see my underwear when I move my arms or breath.

I found a much more practical way to wear the dress. Under overalls!

 Just tucked it in and no one was the wiser!

 I'm obsessed with both of the bags I featured in this post. Both were found second hand and both have inspired me to look for more bags like them. The straw one has such a lovely pattern and is right in line with the sort of natural, simple look I've been into lately. It pairs perfectly with overalls.

The leather clutch is by Michael Green and is from the time in the 1990s when Coach leather bags were at their most popular. I've seen this brand around for a while and always just thought it was another one of the companies that made Coach-like leather goods, to put it nicely. Well, this clutch said 'Seattle' on the inside, so I looked it up. In 1993, The Seattle Times wrote an article about Michael Green and his wears. The factory was located right on Queen Anne and he sold 35 different styles of bags in Nordstrom and boutiques. I think I will be buying more Michael Green from now on.

Oh! And the glasses! I sold a similar pair on Etsy and completely regretted it. I found this pair at an estate sale recently and decided they were well worth the price, which was a little higher than I prefer to spend at estate sales. Made by American Optical in the 1960s, I think this pair in particular was used for hiking and mountain climbing. The original owner had an extensive collection of backpacking gear, field guides and other various hiking necessities. It's neat to have stuff with a history.

 One last thing. I look so much like my 9 year-old cousin, Josiah, it's unnerving. Just imagine less make-up and more light-saber action.

GAP overalls (similar) - Oasap Fairy Heart Short Dress - vintage American Optical sunglasses - thrifted straw bag - GAP denim jacket

Friday, April 4, 2014

Look of the Day: Stripes & Brocade

I'm so spoiled. This week, I got to pick out a bunch of amazing pieces from the racks at Beats & Bohos in Greenwood. I don't get to keep them, but getting to play around with styling them is such a treat! The brocade jacket is one of many treasures from the Foxy Deluxe rack at the shop and the chambray crop top is a new item. It's reversible! I will style it in another post so you can see it.

More looks coming soon!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hi, remember me?

buttermilk, orange, desert, baking, mini donut

Sorry I've been gone so long. I've not been myself. Uninspired and so out of it! This week has been a little better, though.

What I've been up to:
-Today I finally cleaned up my projects and can now eat at the dinner table!
-I made the mini buttermilk-orange donuts seen above
-Yesterday I ate an entire box of mac and cheese by myself
- So much NPR

Things to come:
 -Get ready for some outfits and Spring styling ideas featuring clothes from Beats & Bohos!
-My hair might be featured in a magazine soon (we'll see!)
-A giveaway!
-Hopefully more mac and cheese

Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Eulogy for My Dog

Grieving in private is too lonely, especially after you've lost the one creature that was a constant support. I'm sorry for posting something so sad, but if you can't post this on your blog, then where can you post it? Plus, the only time I feel better is when I'm talking about her. I was so proud of the little mutt. That's one part of why it's so hard. I felt so lucky and so convinced that she was, in fact, the cutest dog that ever lived.

Frida's Eulogy

That day I drove out to Yelm, with my sister and her boyfriend, I wasn't even sure I'd be getting a puppy. There were no pictures in the classified ad; I just knew they were chihuahua-corgi mixes. I felt it was serendipitous, since I'd only ever known corgis and corgi mixes. 

I had planned to get a boy, if any, since they were cheaper. The sister was so much smaller, though, had funny patches above her eyes, and ears that were about 2/3 of her head. I knew it was her. I had to have her. I borrowed the money from Brian and we made it official. 

She was so scared on the car ride home. I felt bad. I'd hoped she would just cuddle up and fall asleep. She turned out to be rather uncuddly, especially for such a small dog. She was independent, somewhat unsentimental and never into having too much fun. She never "played". Everything was serious work for her. It was hard to take a 6 pound dog seriously, though. She trained with her kitten friends and always kept other dogs in check. Despite her size, and to her detriment, she was never afraid to round up a big dog or two. She was a true herder. Gentle once a chicken was corned and always ready to do it over again.

Two of her best friends: Piggy on the left and Delilah on the right. The only other dog she truly liked was my aunt's rott-lab, Simon. They are finally reunited in doggy heaven.

When she was about 4 months old, she escaped and was attacked by an old, black dog that probably mistook her for a rabbit. The neighbors, thinking she was their aunt's dog from across the street, rushed her to the vet. She was lucky, and only needed stitches, a drainage tube, and a night at the animal hospital. From that day, I felt maybe I was too lucky. With the exception of the attack and the anxiety brought on by undiagnosed food allergies, she always made my days happier & brighter.

chorgi, mini corgi

In September of 2005, I wrote "Out of all the [name] meanings, joy is what fits best for that is what you have always been to me."

There's so much I would trade to have those years back. I would give up coffee and toast. Forever! She made me laugh, even on the hardest days, and I knew I was never really alone. Picnics and walks when Trevor was gone on business are some of my most blissful memories.

I took this picture when I was laid up with foot problems. Frida was right there with me, recovering from back problems.

She was so patient, quiet and genuine. Bubbly, but not in that intense way most little dogs are. If she was truly happy to see someone, she let you know. Her sideways wiggle alone was enough to make someone feel happier & truly appreciated. If she hated every minute of whatever she was doing, her face expressed it. She hated being held and was forever disappointed that she had been born a small dog.

chorgi, chigi, pet loss, mini corgi
She really hated Petco for some reason.

stripes, kid, mini corgi, chigi, pet loss
 Mathilde was one the few people, and probably the only child, that was ever able to get Frida to sit in her lap for an extended time.

This last summer, she turned 10 and started to lose the use of her tongue. It was my worst fear: a mystery that not even a vet neurologist could solve without thousands of dollars of scans, that would probably only bring more bad news. Instead, we spent more time together. I hand-fed her all summer and she got really good at it. We had a system down and both enjoyed the extra time outside. She learned to drink from a watering can, rather than a bowl, and every day I would wipe her little mouth with baby wipes after she ate. She was so full of life, so happy, when she was outside, you would have never known her age or her troubles. 

On her last walk, we trudged 8 blocks in the snow, to the coffee shop up the hill. Frida was always in the lead, unless pulled aside by the sight of a squirrel. When we got there, she didn't want to be left outside as usual. She just wanted to sit in my lap, something she rarely did. She shivered and barked at a child making faces at her through the window.

On her last morning, I just remember her being so happy. Even though it was much earlier than her usual wake up call, she was happy to go outside with me at 7:30am. Happy to get a drink, happy to be going somewhere with me. I hope that she felt that same peace and happiness when her little heart gave its last beat. I am comforted in knowing that if it hadn't been that day, her future days would have only grown darker with the pain of what we now know was a tumor in her jaw. A selfish part of me regrets opting to have the surgery for a feeding tube, but I now know the extra time I would have gained would have only been for my comfort, not hers. I just wanted to be the last one to hold her.

I thought if I was truly grateful for her every day, and expressed it, she would never leave me. She was my joy; my heart. The best parts of me all bundled up in a wiggly, fuzzy, adorable little being.

For a time, I'll only feel heartache when I think about that last walk and that last morning, but I know it also means that I'll find her again someday.

My joy, my heart, my best friend.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bye, bye, Frida

My best friend of 10 years and 4 months is gone. It was rather sudden, but something in me knew she wasn't coming home. There will never be another dog like her. Her buggy eyes and airplane ears made me laugh every day. I'm glad I got to take her for this last walk, but I'm sorry I never made good on that promise to get her a kitten.

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