Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Long Weekend: The Oregon Coast

A couple weekends ago, I had the pleasure of spending my mom's birthday down on the Oregon Coast. I'm a little behind, I know, but I took so many pictures on this trip that I've kind of been avoiding the editing process.

Our cabin was in Seal Rock, just a block from the beach and about 8 miles from Yachats; a small town my family has vacationed at for decades. This is the first time I've made it down since high school, though. It's changed, or maybe I'm not just a bored teenager anymore. 

There's a really fun rock shop, Planet Yachats, that may or may not have been there the last time I went. The shelves are full of perfectly organized rock specimens, fossils, and other sorts of mineral-based curiosities. I bought a chunk of malachite, my favorite, and a beautiful crystal pendant. I'll feature it in an outfit post, hopefully, soon.

 Tilly got to make a mess with chalk at the Yachats Farmstore, which definitely wasn't there when I was 16. They sell all sorts of cheeses, produce and have a small bar where you can sit and enjoy local ales & meads. Very Pacific Northwest-y. If you ever find yourself in Yachats, make sure you get breakfast at The Drift Inn. Delicious, great prices, and wonderful service. You can get an amazing Eggs Benedict, on homemade English muffins, for $10!

The rest of our weekend was spent enjoying the typical coastal weather and beautiful beaches.

 Otto had a blast, except for when he went flying into a tide pool he mistook for solid ground. He was one sad little puppy for about 15 minutes. Then he helped dig a castle moat.

Agate Beach

 There were no agates to be found on Agate Beach. Just clay, which was cool in its own way.

Depoe Bay was our last stop for the weekend. I wanted fish and chips, but all the restaurants have some sort of agreement to price everything as high as they possibly can. Tourist towns suck. The view and the pod of grey whales was worth the stop, though.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Look of the Day: Leopard Print Skirt & Pastel Peplum

leopard print, seattle, street style, fleur d'elise, pastel, purple, vintage, coach
 This ruffled top I found in the Anthropologie sale is the first purple thing I've ever bought based on the fact that it's purple! It's barely purple, but it still counts right? I love the loose fit and the eyelet detailing. It looks so cute with jeans and all shades of brown and blue.

How would you style it?

leopard print, seattle, street style, fleur d'elise, pastel, purple, vintage, coach

Anthropolgie Ruffled Poplin Tank - J.Crew jersey cardigan (similar) - Forever21 leopard print skirt - vintage Coach -Forever21 star ring set - Black Tourmaline Pendant

Monday, September 8, 2014

Look of the Day: Fawn & Red

red, trousers, fall fashion, cropped sweater, seattle, model, ashley chanel
Last Spring, I had the chance to style my friend, Ashley, for a shoot. This was my first time styling someone else, which was pretty exciting. Especially because she's actually a professional model! She's one of the newest faces over at Baby & Co., which is a super chic local boutique located downtown. When my schedule allows for it, I get to spend the day with her darling little boy while she goes to her modeling gigs. It's all pretty fun, especially since they're both such wonderful souls.

red, trousers, fall fashion, cropped sweater, seattle, model, ashley chanel
 In these shots, Ashley is wearing a vintage sweater by Illustrations and a pair of vintage high-waisted wool slacks by Moschery. The top is her own. Both the sweater and the slacks are part of my Autumn Fashion section on Etsy.

red, trousers, fall fashion, street style, cropped sweater, seattle, model, ashley chanel, outfit ideas

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Links à la Mode: September 4th

This weekend will be spent celebrating my mom's birthday in a little beach house on the Oregon Coast. I promise to take lots of pictures. For now, why not take a peek at all these wonderful links featured in this week's Links à la Mode!



Now that fashion month has kicked off, one of the things that we'll be thinking as the new season hits the runways is, "Is it wearable?" Well, not just the runways, in technology too. The "Internet of Things" gives us some interesting accessories to incorporate into our look. And just in time too... with school back in session, what better way to accessorize, than with things that make you smarter?

Links à la Mode: September 4th

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Look of the Day: Lapis & Marble

marbled fabric, blouse, oasap, catie beatty, fleur d'elise, blue, track pants, old navy, street style, seattle

This is the perfect time of year. I love it for the same reason I love May and the same reason the fashion world's biggest shows are in Spring & Fall. You have almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to dressing. You can wear sundresses or you can layer up; you can show your legs, if you like, while still feeling cozy in a new sweater. If you love fashion, then this in-between weather is your best friend!

marbled fabric, blouse, oasap, catie beatty, fleur d'elise, blue, track pants, old navy, street style, seattle
The pieces in this look are both pretty light. They're perfect for now, and when it gets colder, I'll start adding layers over the shirt and closed-toe shoes will help keep my bottom half warm.

If you read my post about my Fall fashion inspiration, you'll know I've been real into rocks & stuff lately. The post on jewel tones actually kind of all started with this marble patterned blouse from Oasap. On the website, they call it "splashed ink", but I immediately thought of marble. I'd been wearing my amethyst necklace all summer and finally put two and two together: I should just go all out! Now I'm looking for a bit of the geode in everything I buy.

marbled fabric, blouse, oasap, catie beatty, fleur d'elise, blue, track pants, old navy, street style, seattle, arm party, coach
Even my watch is fake turquoise. It's pretty neat. Sadly, it doesn't work, so it's mostly just a piece of jewelry. If you're looking for one that actually tells times, I found a few similar to it. This Michael Kors' Channing watch features a turquoise dial face. Kate Spade makes a watch with a vibrant aqua leather band. While it's not stone, it's still just as striking! If you're looking for a steal, this Kenneth Jay Lane watch is on sale for $58 and was originally $250! 

The bag, you ask? Well, it's another vintage Coach! My mom bought it new years ago and, for my 30th birthday, bequeathed it to me. I brought it to my beach party & haven't stopped using it since. I'm in love.

marbled fabric, blouse, oasap, catie beatty, fleur d'elise, blue, track pants, old navy, street style, seattle
Oasap blouse - Old Navy Cinched Pants - Vintage Coach Purse (similar) - American Deadstock Sunglasses - Old Navy Woven Sandals - Vintage watch (similar) - Forever 21 bracelets - Tiffany Sterling Bead Bracelet

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Look of the Day: Kimono & Sheinside Jumpsuit

jewel tones, fall fashion, kimono, outfit ideas, look of the day, fleur d'elise,
Sheinside sent me this awesome jumpsuit months ago, right in the middle of our summer heat. The last thing I wanted to do was put on pants, so I put the jumpsuit in my closet and promptly forgot about it. Luckily, the Sheinside team was very patient with me and just sent me an email last week asking if I'd gotten it. I feel awful for forgetting, but better late than never! The style is a little more Autumn-y, anyway.

jewel tones, fall fashion, kimono, outfit ideas, look of the day, fleur d'elise, oasap, seattle, street style
 I love the color and the fabric, but it fits really small and the measurements for this one weren't available when I ordered it. Thankfully, you can't tell just how tight certain areas are, haha. One thing that fits perfectly is the bodice and the straps. As a petite person, it's nearly impossible to find anything with slim straps that aren't miles long. Really, I think this is the first spaghetti strap thing I've actually been able to wear! They're out of this exact jumpsuit, but they are carrying this burgundy jumpsuit, that is pretty much the same thing. This navy version is also really cute!

jewel tones, fall fashion, kimono, outfit ideas, look of the day, fleur d'elise, oasap, seattle, street style
American Deadstock Sunglasses - H&M Kimono (similar) - Vintage Malachite Necklace - Sheinside Jumpsuit - Arizona Sandals

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fall Fashion: 4 Igneous Inspirations

I've never been real big on jewel tones. That term has always brought to mind images of generic office supplies and the worst of 1990's fashion, rather than glittering minerals. Or maybe it's because the jewels that saying refers to are usually totally out of my price range. My inspiration is more semi-precious, but just as gorgeous.

You know, I've also hated on puffer vests so much, my sister questioned whether I was the real Catie when I bought one at Value Village this summer. It's a gorgeously rich forest green. Just the type of thing I'm into right now. Anyway, my point is, never say never. Blah blah blah. Read on for my Fall picks. All in luscious, straight-from-the earth, jewel tones.

1. Malachite & Peridot

Luxe greens are at the top of my list. I've been wearing a silk blouse, similar to this one, all summer. It drapes beautifully and is such a refreshing color. My wardrobe is so full of basics and navy blue, a bright, emerald green has made it a lot more fun to get dressed. I'm also dying for a pair of these French Terry Stockholm Pants from the new Love, Hanna line. The whole collection is right on trend and features the comfortable, relaxed silhouettes that are so hot right now. 

Or if you straight-up wanna look like a giant hunk of malachite you can splurge on this jumpsuit from whit® ann for madewell.

2. Amethyst

stone, semi-precious, purple, gem, amethyst, necklace, tocca jewelry
And now we come to another thing I thought I'd never like: purple! For years I've had lukewarm feelings about pretty much any shade of purple. I wouldn't ever say I hated it, but it certainly wasn't a top choice. Now, I own the Tocca Jewelry amethsyt necklace seen above and a top very similar to the gorgeous Rachel Comey for Madewell blouse you see below. Very pale shades are my favorite, but I wouldn't say no to this Amethyst Druzy Bracelet. Hopefully they'll get them back in stock!

3. Lapis Lazuli

You just can't go wrong with blue. Especially one as electric as this one. Many languages even derive their word for blue from the name of this stone. If you want a real piece, Kei Jewelry has a beautiful lapis point necklace on Etsy. If jewelry isn't in the budget this season, I would go for these these comfy cinched pants from Old Navy. I bought a pair and can't stop wearing them. They're surprisingly flattering.

4. Marble & Agate

If you're still more a fan of neutrals, but want to add some texture and detail to your wardrobe, go for marbled pieces. Etsy seems to have about a million faux marble iPhone cases. The one I'm really into is the faux agate one pictured above. For a marbled look you can wear, this Oasap blouse is a steal. I just bought one for myself. It's pretty long, but looks awesome with the blue pants I mentioned above! Outfit post coming soon, I promise.

For more of my picks, visit Jewel Tones pinboard.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

GIVEAWAY: Snail Mail Fun Pack

pin to win, neon, envelopes, coral, stickers, confetti, gold

Oh hello again! Come back for more have you? Well, if you're in a crafty mood, thanks to this post on making your envelopes très fabuleux, then I've got a giveaway just for you!!

pin to win, neon, envelopes, coral, stickers, confetti, gold

One winner will get a fancy little starter pack chock full of fun goodies to make their snail mail stand out.

4 Coral flag labels
3 envelopes & flat cards (one is hand-bordered in gold)
2 gel pens
1 A2 clear envelope & 1 4bar clear envelope
A tiny envelope of confetti
Seals, labels, & neon stickers

pin to win, neon, envelopes, coral, stickers, confetti, gold, #pintowin

We have a winner!
#28 Caryn!

Giveaway ends 9/7/14
US Residents Only (sorry)
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