Profile Consultations and Corporate Services

Elise Styles’ fashion stylists can offer your employees the appropriate resources and tools to dress for success. One of our corporate services is our Dress For Victory seminar, which applies to both women and men. Our image specialists also help in Executive Style Training, where we offer each employee an executive makeover.

The Dress for Victory Seminar

Our Dress for Victory Seminar is a presentation that helps both men and women gain more confidence in the office or workplace while keeping their style. The seminar discusses three major topics:

  • Define Your Style. Fashion allows people to express themselves. This topic helps attendees to know their styles and apply them in the workplace.
  • Choose Your Color. Each person should choose a color that makes them look good.
  • Know the Elements. The seminar also discusses the five most essential items every employee must have in their closet.

Executive Fashion Coaching

Does one of your employees have executive potential yet has an image issue? Are you training your high performing employees for success? If so, then supplement them with executive image consultation. Your executives will work hand in hand with our expert stylists to improve their overall image in the workplace.

Profile consultations will teach professionals the importance of how fashion impacts people’s perception of their management styles, skills, and potential. They will also see how clothing affects their productiveness in the office or workplace.

Image consultations will guide employees to know what outfits fit them when they are under the spotlight.