Customized Styling Services

Are you a career woman or a mother who doesn’t have enough time to take care of herself?

Are you dreaming about having a new eye for style but don’t have any idea where to start?

Do you consider shopping as a waste of money and time?

Does any of these apply to you, yet you still desire a complete wardrobe change?

Problem solved! Elise Styles offers you consulting services to help you achieve your fashion desires. We will be there in every step to help you realize the wardrobe of your dreams, without stress, and without wasting time.

We can offer personalized guidance so that you will know what you exactly need, how much you should spend, and what you can do with your existing clothing.

The Process

There are four steps to follow to realize a complete makeover:

First Step

Talk to one of Elise Styles’ experts to exchange views on the clothing you need and the outcome you want to achieve. Then, get a time estimate and personalized cost for your wardrobe transformation. We will solve all your issues with style and create a customized to-do list. Feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation.

Second Step

We will redo your closet and ensure that you own a cloth collection that mirrors your style. Our expert stylist will help you assess, change, and arrange every clothing inside your closet. Then, our stylist will give a report that shows your personalized fashion formula, the colors, styles, and cuts that suit you.

Third Step

With the help of one of our fashion experts, you can shop better and avoid making costly mistakes. We will see to it that you find items that fit your style and blend with your lifestyle. You can meet with us at your favorite shop or sit and wait while we bring a box of clothing to your door.

Fourth Step

Not only do we do things for you, but we will also give tips on how to change your wardrobe according to the seasons. So, learn how to add items to your closet to keep it new and fresh without doing a complete makeover.

We are just one call away!