Are you presently working full-time at the comforts of your home? Or are you watching over your children while they are homeschooling? If any of these apply to you, maybe it’s time to consider a complete wardrobe makeover.

According to one survey, about 80% Of business casual, business professionals, and casual dressers become more productive compared to those who only wear pajamas or gym clothes. Our company has witnessed that women and men who dress professionally feel more confident when wearing the right clothes.

So, here are the five phases you have to undergo to realize a complete wardrobe transformation.

First Phase (30 minutes)

The first phase involves discussing goals with one of our fashion stylists. Our stylist will give you a personalized estimate of how much you should spend to realize your fashion goals. Schedule a free consultation with us!

Second Phase (3 to 4 hours)

We will see to it that your wardrobe matches the style that you love. During your online appointment with our expert stylist, we will assess, change, and organize every item that is in your closet. You’ll have a new perspective, a fresh closet, and a system that will maintain your wardrobe.

You can choose two types of services that will fit your needs. Our expert stylist will give you honest but non-judgmental advice on your fashion. Moreover, our fashion stylist will guide you on how to manage consignments, donations, dry-cleaning, tailoring, jewelry repair, and shoe repair.

Third Phase (3 to 6 hours)

If you are the kind who hates to shop, our stylist can handle the shopping for you for an hourly fee. Then, you will have an online session with our stylist the moment your items reach your home. You and the stylist will then decide which clothes you will keep and return.

Fourth Phase (3 to 4 hours)

You will meet with our image consultant to help you match each of your items, so you will be free from stressing about what to wear every day. You will have a wide range of selections for every outfit fit for different occasions.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about accessorizing because that’s part of our package. We will help you pair your top with the right necklace or the right purse for your shoes.

Fifth Phase

Transform your wardrobe according to the trend. Benefit from our blogs and learn to refine your closet according to the seasons. So, subscribe to our weekly blogs.

We believe that every person deserves the wardrobe of their dreams!