Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My boyfriend might go as far as to say he wishes everybody would dress as awesome as him, but then the other day he was whining about how all the stuff he likes (Filson, Barbour, Red Wing, etc.) is popular right now! It's that common human dilemma; you wish everyone was just like you, but then get freaked out when you meet a "copy-cat".

Anyway, I rag on my boyfriend a lot, but he loves ragging on other people (mostly in joking), so I feel it balances him out. He really is my best friend and yesterday he told me that he would give me money even if I spent it on "dumb stuff," because he knew I would blog about that dumb stuff and blogging makes me happy. I cried. I love him a lot and hope I make him as happy as he makes me.

His biggest wish is for me to dress just like him, so I've done my own take on "Cowgirl." Maybe he will buy me the Proenza AND the Pendleton cuz he loves me soo much.

Flannel Check Shirt
15 GBP - uniqlo.co.uk
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Acne Pistol Leather boots
$650 - net-a-porter.com
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Kai Cowboy Boots
140 GBP - julesb.co.uk
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Pendleton Overnighter
$198 - urbanoutfitters.com
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Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses
184 GBP - sunglasses-shop.co.uk
Aviator shades »

I usually let the clothes speak for themselves, but I have a new goal: work on my writing! I'm going to work on explaining the goals of my outfits and describe the importance of the key pieces. That's what bloggers do, right? Well, that's what I'm going to do.

I was inspired by the "Western Prep" feature in the October 2010 issue of Elle magazine (page 190) and the Saddleback Leather Co. bags that my boyfriend is so crazy about. Polyvore didn't have any good pictures of Saddleback bags, but this Proenza Schouler bag has a very similar style, plus it's Proenza Schouler!! The Pendleton Overnighter is wool and leather. It's a shame they don't make them in the U.S. anymore, but the quality is still amazing for the price.

There are certain key elements when dressing Western. Most are obvious: boots, hat, pearl-snaps on plaid, etc. Leather is important as well, but when looking closer, a lot of cowboy boots are made of a myriad of skins: horse, snake, pig, to name a few. Neither of the boots I've included in this collection are from traditional Western wear clothiers, but they are both leather. Let's face it, it's very obvious when boots have man-made uppers, so to pull off this look real leather is critical.

Other common fabrics are also classic fabrics: wool, chambray, and plaid. These are all warm and durable, which is why they were favored, and still favored, by ranchers and other manual laborers.

For more hints of cowgirl, opt for high-waisted jeans. Whether bootcut or skinny, a high-waist means you can tuck in your shirt, which is an important feature. Have you ever tried to work in low-waisted jeans? They're obnoxious! You have to stop and pull them up every 5 minutes! Plus, it's going to be constant plumber-butt when you're riding across the plains. Cowboys and cowgirls always look tidy, even when shoveling out stalls, so tuck in that shirt and put on a belt!

Anyway, those are my tips. If I think of anymore I will add them!


Julia said...

Aww you guys are so cute :)

Love your combinations & the write up, I'll look forward to more of your writing!

katherine said...

you two are so disgusting, lol.
you should help me find some cute high-waisted jeans, i think it would help hide my tummy.
also your blog keeps getting better and better.

Unknown said...

Thank you Katherine! High-waist pants help hold in belly = I LOVE THEM! Also, thank you for the herbs! They are delicious.

Thanks Julia :) I'm glad you are enjoying my writing. Sometimes I really struggle with it and/or have no patience for it, but it helps to know people like reading what I have to say :)

Holly said...

Great post! I like your choice in cowboy clothing as it has a modern take but still has a traditional feel to it. I think I'd probably go for the first option as I love UNIQLO's cashmere.

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