Thursday, April 14, 2011

Robin's Egg & Goldenrod

The weather has been awful and I am feeling lazy... and this is what happens. I spend way too much time on Polyvore. Aren't these colors lovely together? I love that each piece is equally beautiful; they don't depend on each other to stand out.


mispapelicos said...

Very nice indeed.

Justyna said...

love the colors in this, nothing says spring like pastels!

Collette Osuna said...

These colors ROCK!!! so, so pretty!! I think I need some golden color in my life too:)

Cee said...

Not in my wildest dreams (which I guess must be pretty limited, at least colour-wise) would I have put these two colours together, but the combination is just stunning! I officially need something robin's egg blue to pair with my yellow dress- thanks for the inspiration :)

katherine said...

those colors are amazing together. i cant wait for spring.

Unknown said...

Cee, I kind of happened upon the combo by accident. My robin's egg blue hand towel was hanging on the bathroom door with this golden headband from American Apparel and I was like "Ohhh!"

Thanks for the comments everyone :)
Personally, I'm quite pleased it's Spring too! Now if only it would start acting like it.

Ashley said...

Beautiful collection! You have impeccable taste, my friend! I really like your viewpoint on fashion: you have a unique voice. I look forward to seeing where it takes you =)

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