Monday, August 1, 2011

Breaking Rules

According to rules of taste, these pants should not be worn by anyone. They are ridiculously loud and rather shapeless. Yet somehow, they are not completely unflattering.

Underneath the sweater, the pants are attached to a tube top, so technically it's a jumpsuit. But the elastic is fading and the top is no where near as awesome as the bottoms. This is where the cropped sweater comes in.

It gives the whole thing a slouchy, yet polished look. Think 80's power-suit goes on vacation.

In these photos:
Vintage jumpsuit
GAP sweater
Vintage frame bag
Aldo flats
Vintage watch and costume jewelry
Forver21 sunglasses


Vera said...

love the colour combination :)

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Those pants are fantastic, fashion makes many strange things acceptable ;)

hillary said...

Rules of taste are silly, I love these crazy pants, keep rockin 'em!

Anonymous said...

And, it has pockets!

This Charming Style said...

Awesome styling of the jumpsuit, you look very chic indeed! xx

Ashley said...

Catie, you've totally pulled this off! It's so you. Love it!

Justyna said...

your pants RULE! love them!

AS said...

i absolutely love your printed pants - i just did a post on them today and these are incredibly xx

Robie Capps said...

This looks awesome, comfy, and chic! And man, never shy away from loud prints. Especially when they are on a pair of pants as awesome as those are.


bea said...

incredible trousers!

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